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Welcome to the review of the Kodabow line of crossbows and associated accessories. Kodabow is known for being a company that specializes in recurve crossbow archery equipment for big game. Their crossbows are offered in multiple limb weights to allow for customization based on what you are hunting.

Top 2 Best Kodabow Crossbows:

Kodabow Big Rhino

Kodabow Big Rhino
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Kodabow Bravo Zulu

Kodabow Bravo Zulu
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Our ReviewOur Review
Draw Weight225 lbs.200 lbs.
Velocity350 FPS330 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"
Crossbow Length34-38"Unknown
Crossbow Weight8 lbs. 5 ozs.8.3 lbs.

Ballistic Data Comparison For The Above Crossbows

Characteristics of Kodabow Crossbows

Kodabow offers multiple crossbows in their lineup with the most popular being the Big Rhino and the Bravo Zulu. Each crossbow is built on a platform very similar to an AR style rifle that weighs just over 8 lbs., including the basic grip, scope rail and stock components.

Each Kodabow crossbow is available in one of four draw weights: 155, 185, 200 and 225 lbs. This yields velocities from 272 fps, all the way up to 350 fps. The Kodabow lineup is designed for big game hunting and it certainly does deliver. Because it is meant for big game, where that can also often mean dangerous game, the Kodabow line are all recurve crossbows for enhanced reliability. It is important to note that Kodabow actually uses different limbs for each of the draw weights so the power stroke always remains the same.

Each Kodabow features an adjustable stock just like on a tactical rifle. This is also an automatic safety as well as an anti dry fire. Each also has a machined riser and machined rail as well.

Each package from Kodabow contains standard:

  • The crossbow
  • A 3×32 multi-reticle illuminated scope
  • Assembly hardware and tools
  • A bipod
  • A 5 arrow quiver
  • Five 20” carbon arrows
  • A Kodabow rope cocking device
  • A Kodabow destringing aid

There is also a Super Pak offered with every Kodabow that includes the following:

  • Nine Kodabow .338 arrows with 100 grain field points
  • Bow string wax
  • Kodabow crossbow string
  • EL-2 sling
  • Backpack 5 arrow quiver
  • Instructional DVD

It should be noted that the items in the Super Pak are in addition to what each Kodabow comes with standard.

Each Kodabow crossbow is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Kodabow Crossbow Accessories

Kodabow offers many accessories that are made by Kodabow as well as a long list of accessories made by other manufacturers but for use with Kodabows.

Kodabow Arrows

Kodabow offers the Magnum .338 arrows. These are 20” arrows with a brass 110 grain insert delivering a total arrow weight of 408 grains including a 100 grain point. This arrow weight is designed for optimum speed versus impact energy. Each arrow is supplied with inserts, flat nocks and glue.

Kodabow Cocking Devices

Kodabow offers a rope cocking device that will make cocking easier by about 50%. It is made by Kodabow in the USA.

Kodabow also offers the Koda-crank mechanical cocking aid. This is a mechanical crank cocker that is designed specifically for Kodabows. It should not be used on any other crossbow nor should other crossbow crank cocking mechanisms ever be used on a Kodabow. Given the high draw weight of the Kodabow recurves, this is something that should be given serious consideration.

Another cool offering is the decocking rope assembly. This allows you to decock your Kodabow after the hunt without having to discharge an arrow. This keeps things quiet when leaving the blind and also lessens the possibility to damaging an arrow.

Kodabow Scopes

The standard scope that comes with a Kodabow is illuminated in red and green. It features multiple reticles that are typically aligned for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. The scope is 3 power with a 32 mm aperture. The scope uses Hawke’s Ballistic Reticle Calculator which is available online and offers enough technical information for even the most avid shooter.

Other Accessories

In addition to everything we have spoken about above, Kodabow offers an incredible additional offering of accessories. From cases to slings to various shooting accessories, Kodabow has something for just about everyone.

One accessory worth noting is the Zulu Scout conversion kit. This is basically a kit that will allow you shorten your Kodabow by a couple of inches. It takes the power stroke from 14 inches down to 12. It will reduce your speed by around 20%, but more importantly, it reduces cocking effort by almost 35%!

Kodabow also offers bowfishing adapter kits, vertical foregrips, bipods, and many other cool gadgets. You could spend quite a while on Kodabow’s website selecting accessories!

Buying a Used Kodabow Crossbow

Buying a used crossbow is always a risky proposition as it is often difficult for even a trained eye to identify failings in a crossbow. If you are set on purchasing a used crossbow, be sure to have a pro shop do a thorough inspection to potentially identify at least any glaring defects. Craigslist or Ebay can be good sources for a used crossbow, but do not give up your money until you have had the crossbow inspected!

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