Mini Crossbows

NcStar Pistol Crossbow Review

Pros: Inexpensive, considering all that is included Red Dot Scope alone is worth at least the purchase price of the whole kit Includes retrieving arrows along with a retrieving kit Cons: Draw weight is actually 35-40#, not the advertised 90# Poor design allows bow string to drag too heavily on the rail Package Contents Welcome […]

BladesUSA Eagle 3 Review

Pros: Inexpensive and lightweight recurve crossbow Cons: Very stiff and erratic trigger pull Safety occasionally locks up and has to be disabled to fire the crossbow Quite a bit of recoil for a 150 lb. crossbow Only includes 2 arrows No warranty coverage Package Contents Welcome to my review of the BladesUSA Eagle 3 crossbow. […]

Cobra Self-Cocking Crossbow Review

Pros: High-powered pistol crossbow Well balanced to reduce front heaviness Wicked look Very good price for the value Cons: Assembly instructions leave quite a bit to be desired Safety does not always engage when cocking No bow stringer included Package Contents Welcome to our review of the Cobra 80 lb. Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow. This inexpensive […]

BladeUSA Eagle 2 Crossbow Review

Pros: Unique design looks more like a Mossberg shotgun than a crossbow Nice accuracy and power for the price Solid wood stock and foregrip are sturdy and attractive Cons: No bow stringer included Only ships with 2 arrows No warranty Package Contents Welcome to my review of the BladesUSA Eagle 2 crossbow. This 150 lb. […]

Avalanche Mini Crossbow Review

Pros: Powerful for such a small, inexpensive crossbow Cool-looking design Fun to shoot, until it falls apart Cons: Cocking arm is easy to forget and leave it pulled back Bow assembly shatters early Package Contents The Avalanche Mini Crossbow Tactical Pistol is a 50 lbs. crossbow on a pistol frame. Each package delivered by Avalanche […]

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