Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Alabama

Below we provide information regarding crossbow hunting laws and regulations in the state of Alabama. We do all we can to make sure the references presented below are reliable and accurate, however we cannot guarantee that they are entirely void of any factual or other errors, as regulations do change somewhat often and it’s possible that we might have missed a recent update. As a result, we want to stress that everything you read below should be treated as a reference only, and that it should not be treated as a legal resource. We recommend getting in touch with an official governmental body to confirm what you read below, and you can always contact us if uncertain.

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Crossbow Regulations in Alabama

In Alabama, it is legal to hunt using a crossbow during deer season. For this purpose a license must be obtained, which you can inquire about by contacting 888-848-6887. Since July 2010, it has also become legal to use a magnified scope on a crossbow.

A hunter education course must be successfully completed by anyone born after August 1st 1977, otherwise a hunting permit will not be issued.  Below are a few other things worth knowing:

  • Your broad-heads must have a minimum cutting diameter of 7/8″ to be eligible for hunting; in the case of expandable broad-heads, the diameter of the expanded broad-head is what matters.
  • Arrows shot from a crossbow must be a minimum of 14 inches long.
  • The minimum draw weight must be 100 lbs.
  • While it’s legal to use a lighted pin sight on a hunting crossbow in Alabama, using any sight or scope that emits a beam of light towards the target is strictly prohibited.
  • Certain hunting areas are only accessible to disabled hunters, and you will require an official disability certification to be legally allowed to hunt there.
  • If shooting from a tree-stand, it is required that you wear a harness or security belt, as the number one cause for hunting accidents in Alabama is falling from a tree-stand.
  • Any area where bait was used to lure game is considered “baited” for 10 days after the bait was set, and cannot be hunted in for the duration.
  • Hunting with a crossbow (and any other weapon) is only allowed during daylight hours, with the exception of opossum and raccoon.
  • Electronic calls cannot be used, except for when hunting predatory game during the appropriate season.
  • It’s illegal to hunt within a 100 yard distance from any human dwelling without permission from the owner.

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  1. It is now legal to hunt over bait in Alabama if you purchase an additional license to do so. The hunter needs to check the regulations for exceptions such as Wildlife Management Areas and Wilderness Areas.

  2. Is the Lancehead crossbow legal in Alabama? New torsion technology crossbow…..not legal in Ga.Thanks

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