Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Alaska

Welcome to our Alaska crossbow hunting regulations guide. We have created this page to help you quickly figure out whether it’s legal to use a crossbow for hunting purposes in this state, and also to provide you with any requirements and restrictions that might apply. We feel obligated however to remind you that the information below may not be completely accurate or up to date; regulations change constantly, and we cannot guarantee to keep up with all these changes, so please make sure to double check everything you read below and preferably contact a governmental institution to confirm.

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Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Alaska

A crossbow can be used to hunting in Alaska in any hunt which does not clearly restrict the use of weapons.  A crossbow is not considered belonging to the archery group in Alaska, and hence it cannot be used to in hunts which are restricted only to bows and arrow, unless you have a disability permit.

For hunting big game, your crossbow must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum 100 lbs. draw weight
  • A minimum of 14″ power stroke
  • The arrows must be at least 16″ in length
  • Broad-heads must be used (no field points)
  • Total weight of the arrow with the head must be a minimum of 300 grain
  • The use of barbed broadheads is strictly prohibited, however expandable broadheads are legal in Alaska
  • The only electronic parts that can be attached to your hunting crossbow are an electronic sight or scope, and it’s illegal to have a scope which emits any light in front of the crossbow.

We Appreciate Your Help

We always do our best to make sure the regulations and references provided above are relevant and as current as possible. As much as we try, however, it is likely that we might have missed something, forgotten to include an important detail, or simply missed a recent legal update that might have changed the current crossbow hunting situation in Alaska. This is why we ask that you kindly inform us if you notice anything that needs changing, updating or removing. We strongly rely on your help to keep this resource updated, and we will be more than grateful for any tips and information.


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  1. Wanted to check regulations before purchase of cross bow.

    Thank you.
    This is very helpful information.
    Many crossbows are for sale with less than 14 inch power stroke. So they are illegal to hunt big game with.
    Thanks again.

  2. I got a felony three years ago. At my sentencing hearing (July 31, 2013-Palmer) I was told that I could get a long rifle after I completed Parole. It was completed two years ago but I have mort applied to the courts for a long gun.. I want to learn to hunt and was not sure if I can LEGALLY possess a cross bow for hunting moose. Thank you.

  3. Debbie any one can use a compound bow or crossbow to hunt with.also you can use black powder flint lock rifle to hunt with also being a convicted felon.stay clean and after 10 years can try and get your gun rights restored some states is 5 years. goodluck

  4. What do I need to do to apply for a disability permit for using a crossbow in Alaska for moose hunting. Already have a lifetime disability permit for Colorado. Had a lifetime permit for Nebraska but now Nebraska has made it legal for everyone to use a crossbow.

  5. You might consider revising the ‘power stroke’ law. As someone pointed out, there modern and powerful crossbows with less than a 14 inch power stoke, yet exceed other requirements. Example: Excalibur Micro 355:
    Velocity: 355 FPS
    Draw Weight: 280 lbs.
    Power Stroke: 10.0″
    Mass Weight: 5.2 lbs.
    Overall Length: 33.5″
    Arrow Length: 16.5″
    Arrow Weight: 350 Grains
    Stock Type: Featherlite
    Finish: Realtree Xtra
    Arrow speeds obtained using arrows with a total weight of 350 grains (includes arrow and tip).

  6. Very informative web page..
    Although only one of the crossbows mentioned in the box to the right would be legal for hunting in Alaska..
    the Barnett Ghost 410..
    With the present requirement of minimum of a 14 inch power stroke, the others would no qualify..
    Unless there has been a change in the requirements as listed..

  7. The power stroke restriction is WAY out of date. My crossbow far excedes everything on the list. Shiots a 20” 400 grn Bolt at 430 fps,

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