Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Rhode Island

This guide was prepared to help you understand regulations governing the State of Rhode Island when it comes to crossbow hunting. The information presented here was carefully researched, however it’s impossible for us to guarantee complete accuracy of the data presented, as it does change on a regular basis and we might miss certain updates. It is therefore your responsibility to confirm the accuracy of what we have presented. This article must not be considered legal advice, even though we do believe it to be up to date.

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Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Rhode Island

For a long while, the crossbow was classified officially as a firearm. Things have changed however and now, a crossbow is in the same group as all other archery weapons (recurves, compounds etc.), and can be used for hunting during archery deer season. Hunting for turkey is prohibited with a crossbow, however it’s allowed for taking down coyote.

Any crossbow used for hunting in Rhode Island must have a minimum draw weight of 150 pounds. The use of expandable hunting broad-heads is also allowed, as long as your crossbow manufacturer does not advise against them. Using field points for hunting is strictly prohibited, however it’s allowed to carry one arrow with a field point for safe discharge of the crossbow in case you want to un-cock it without dry firing, although this arrow should be made easily distinguishable from your broad-head arrows by means some color marking.

Additionally, anyone looking to use a crossbow to hunt in Rhode Island must successfully complete classes on bow hunting educaion. To find out more, please call (401) 222-3576. Also please note that using adaptive crossbow aids during deer hunting season requires a special permit, about which you can also find out more by calling the number above.

It’s also legal to use your crossbow during official muzzleloader season. Again, it is required that you complete bow hunting education classes before doing so.

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  1. Can I practice crossbow shooting in my backyard in a residential neighborhood taking all safety precautions

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