Crossbow Hunting Regulations in West Virginia

The following is a quick guide to crossbow hunting regulations in West Virginia; it was not intended to be comprehensive nor cover all the bases, rather the purpose is to provide you with a quick overview o the current legal situation in that state, and to let you know if it’s legal to hunt and what the requirements and restrictions are, if any. We researched the subject thoroughly before preparing this resource, however please do not expect it to be 100% accurate as it’s likely that we might have missed something or that some of these regulations have changed since our last update (July 31st 2013). For complete certainty, you should contact a legal entity and request assistance. Best Crossbow Source shall not be held accountable for the accuracy of references presented herein.

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in West Virginia

Hunting with a Crossbow in West Virginia is only legal if you are permanently disabled, to an extent that makes using a regular vertical bow, even with the help of an aid, impossible. You will need to obtain a disability certification from a physician, and then apply for a Class Y crossbow permit; you can find the application form here: Class Y Form.

Please be advised that as you submit the form, you will be authorizing your physician to provide the West Virginia DNR with any information pertaining to your disability, at the DNR’s request. Also, you must submit the Class Y form within no more than 6 months from the day your physician issued a disability certification. For more information about the process and requirements, please contact WVDNR at:¬†304-558-2758.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Owning a Class Y crossbow permit authorizes you to use your crossbow for hunting only during archery seasons.
  • You must carry your permit with you at all times while hunting.
  • Other than the Class Y permit, you will also need to own a valid West Virginia hunting license, which costs $19 for residents and $119 for non-residents. ¬†More information about these licenses can be found on this page.
  • The minimum draw weight must be 125 lbs.
  • The minimum arrow length should be 18 inches (not including broadhead).
  • The broadhead cutting diameter should be a minimum of 3/4″
  • You may not carry a firearm with you when hunting with a crossbow.
  • Using electronic deer calling devices is prohibited.

As of the moment of this writing, there are no bills pending a Senate hearing, proposing to change the above regulations.

Notice Any Inaccuracies?

We hope you found the references above useful. If for any reason you believe the above not to be accurate, or if some of our references are outdated, we would appreciate it if you could send us an e-mail. We will then get in touch with the WV DNR to confirm the situation, and will make appropriate changes as required.


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    1. Hello

      According to WV law, it is illegal to:

      “Be afield with a gun and bow, or with a gun and any arrows, except for concealed weapons permit holders.” So as you see if it were a bow, then it would be legal for you to carry the firearm. Unfortunately I am not aware of the law specifically mentioning crossbows in this context, only “bows.”

  1. So you cannot use your crossbow for any firearms seasons? If I’m reading it right but I don’t see the reason that I can’t. A lot of people say a crossbow is like using a gun so I don’t understand why I can’t use my class Y during gun season

  2. Is it legal in the state of WV to carry a cocked crossbow in a vehicle as long as you don’t have an arrow knocked in the crossbow

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