Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Wisconsin

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Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Wisconsin

In June 2013, Bill AB 194 was introduced to make crossbows legal to unt with during entire archery season, based on a special crossbow permit. This bill, however, is not in effect yet, as it still has not been officially approved by the Senate, where a hearing on the matter is scheduled for August 2013. If and when the bill passes, those who already own an archery permit in Wisconsin, can receive a crossbow permit for a significantly reduced cost. A crossbow permit will only be obtainable by those who successfully complete bow hunter education classes or an equivalent. The bill will make it possible for crossbow owners to hunt for all game, except for Elk, Bear and Wild Turkey.

At the moment, only people with severe physical disabilities, as well as those 65 years or older, are allowed to hunt with a crossbow in Wisconsin. Once a permit is obtained, you will also receive deer and back tags.

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  1. I have witnessed someone using a crossbow in oconto on private land, an assisted living property too, maybe a half mile from Wayne’s family restaurant well after 5pm and well after dusk.

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