Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Michigan

We have performed extensive research to gather information which is current and accurate for the regulations of crossbow hunting in Michigan. There is always room for error therefore we do not guarantee that the data below is 100% accurate. Conferring with your local state government to validate these statements is always the best course of action. Crossbow hunters who do not know how to contact this entity my contact us for further assistance.

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Crossbow Regulations in Michigan

It is lawful for individuals who are at least 10 years of age to hunt with crossbows within seasons which permits firearms. This is for both small game and big game. Individuals 9 years of age and younger can hunt with crossbows, if they are licensed through the MYH, or Michigan Youth Hunting, Program.

  • Bolt, arrows, and quarrels featuring broadhead hunting style points must be at least 7/8 of an inch wide and no less than 14 inches in length when harvesting turkey; elk; deer, and/or bear.
  • Hunters using crossbows must wear hunter orange when harvesting deer during youth firearm, November firearm deer, and early antlerless seasons. Additionally, hunters must wear hunter orange while hunting small game.
  • This is not applicable to crossbow deer hunters within the archery deer season or individuals hunting waterfowl, wild turkey, or crow. It further does not apply to those using crossbows to hunt bear or to hunters who remain stationary and while hunting of fox, bobcat, and/or coyote.
  • It is unlawful for any hunter to harvest migratory games birds which includes woodcock.
  • Crossbows are permitted for all legal hunters within the firearms and archer seasons statewide, excluding the Upper Peninsula. Crossbow use in the Upper Peninsula remains illegal within the muzzleloader and late archery seasons. This does not apply to disabled hunters.


Our top priority is always to our readers; however, there is always the possibility of an oversight while gathering and posting data. In the event that you find such an oversight please notify us so we can update this information for our readers.


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  1. My wife is wanting to crossbow hunt this year. I assume she needs a hunting license, but what necessary to legally hunt? The bolts are 20″ long, so i know thats not an issue. Any guidance will br great.

    1. The hunter orange hat and I recommend vests I almost got nailed by a teenager with just the hat and I recommend a climber tree stand their so easy to use my 10 yr old can use one

  2. What about for personal use, targets etc? Non hunting use. Is it legal to own and fire say at a target range or on personal property?

  3. So this is saying any person can take a whitetail in Michigan’s lower peninsula with a crossbow during archery season as well as firearm season?

  4. Hello All,
    I grew up in the U.P. and am looking to take my son back up there for his first deer harvesting experience. I have a cross bow and am looking to go hunting early season or opening bow season (Oct) Can i / we use a crossbow, we will both have our out of state tags, and do we need to wear orange for the early bow season? My bolts are 20″ so i will fall under all crossbow regs.

    Thanks in advance.

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