Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Vermont

We have posted a concise reference to the crossbow hunting regulations in the state of Vermont below. It is always our goal to provide only information which is valid and current; however, these laws change frequently and randomly. We strongly urge you to always check with the local governing body or the Vermont Fish and Wildlife department to ensure these regulations are still currently valid. We are always glad to help so if you have trouble contacting either of the above entities feel free to ask us for help. We are happy to oblige.

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Crossbow Regulations in Vermont

Crossbow hunting is legal for disabled hunters by permit only during seasons in which it is permitted to take game with a bow and arrow. The individual must appear before the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife and present certification of disability from a physician in order to obtain a hunting permit.

Disabled, permit carrying hunters only are allowed to take game from a motor vehicle which is no less than 10 feet from the traveling part of a road or from a stationary boat. Hunters must obtain the owner of the land’s permission to park. It is illegal to shoot across any road.

  • No hunter is allowed to harvest more than one buck during archery season. Note that even though archery season is subcategorized as early and late, it is always considered as one season for this regulation.
  • Deer must be tagged immediately upon harvesting.
  • Mechanical broadheads are legal for disable permit carrying hunters in the state of Vermont.
  • Explosive equipped and chemically treated arrows are prohibited.

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    1. For hunting season 2019 Crossbow Hunting. Any person 50 years or older may use a crossbow during any season when the use of bow and arrow is permitted. Crossbow disability permits are required for those 49 years and younger. Includes archery deer, archery turkey and archery moose seasons.

  1. Question I have chronic lyme disease and carpel tunel in my left wrist. The combination makes if almost impossible to draw and aim a compound bow . Can I obtain a crossbow permit.

    1. Yes you can use a crossbow with a doctors note and fill out the paperwork with what is wrong with you then you send it to the Fish and Game in Waterbury, my husband got a crossbow permit at the age of 46 and he is now 49 due to having COPD.

  2. I am a new York resident and I obtain a permit to use crossbow in NY will that permit work for Vermont state

  3. As of January 1, 2020, any person may use a crossbow during any season when the use of bow and arrow is permitted.

    Includes archery deer, archery turkey and archery moose seasons.
    Can be used during the entire archery deer season, including December archery.

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