Carbon Express CX-2 Price Comparison

Please note that crossbow prices change regularly and often, sometimes daily. You can also go back to the Carbon Express Covert CX-2.

Everyone knows Great prices, extremely fast and affordable shipping, and a huge selection of crossbows and related accessories.
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Cabelas is among the top 3 largest outdoors stores. They carry a very large selection of crossbows and their staff is very knowledgeable on the subject of archery equipment.
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Perhaps not as popular as Cabelas, but equally reliable and with just as great a team of customer care specialists. Very fast shipping and good prices.
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If you are new to archery, make sure you do not buy a used crossbow, as you never know what you are getting unless you're experienced. There are some great prices on eBay, but make sure that you are buying a new, unused model.
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