Crossbow Hunting Regulations By State

Click on a State in the list below to read about crossbow hunting regulations in that State. We provide information regarding requirements,  a quick overview of the State’s crossbow regulatory history, as well as any vital requirements and restrictions that may apply. It’s important to note that this information is provided “as is” and without any guarantee of accuracy, even though we do our best to research the topic and update the information whenever a change takes place. As such, information you read in this section should never be considered to be the equivalent of legal advice, and we do not accept responsibility in case this information proves inaccurate or outdated. Everything here is for reference only. You can also check out our best crossbow comparisons page to view our crossbow comparison and reviews section.



Crossbow hunting regulations can get very complex. It’s not just about learning whether you can use a crossbow in a specific state, but also about other different things such as:

  • What kind of clothing you should wear during which season
  • Whether it’s legal to use laser scopes or not
  • Whether you can carry field points with you or not
  • What requirements you must meet in order to obtain a crossbow hunting license, and whether a license is at all required
  • If you can use any deer calling electronic devices

And many more. Please note that our guides are not meant to provide you with all the specific details; rather, the goal was to let you know whether hunting in a specific state is legal or not, whether a license is required (and what you need to get it), as well as to point out any of the most important restrictions.

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  1. I have a old Horton Hunter which is 150 lb. I plan on Black Bear hunting with it within 20 yards. I’m hunting Ontario which has a minimum draw length of 11.9″ . Do you happen to know that number or can you advise what I should be measuring to determine “draw length” on my Horton Hunter?

  2. I am considering purchasing a crossbow for recreational/target use (not hunting) here in Oregon. My question: I know that crossbow hunting in Oregon is currently illegal, but what about owning/possessing a crossbow solely for target shooting?

  3. Good Afternoon Lady’s & Gent’s

    I live in Cockeysville, MD in a row of townhouses. We have a really small backyard and were in townhouses and we just moved in December of 2019. I was living right up the street in the same zip code in the same city and I was able to shoot my Excalibur Bulldog 440 at my parents house but I’m a little scared to use it right now in our house even though it’s right up the street. The difference is that we don’t have a fence before but we don’t have one now. Can someone please help me determine whether it’s legal to shoot it in my backyard for practice? I have a large piece of land that’s considered common ground.

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