Bushnell X-8 Trail Camera Review

ModelTrigger SpeedFlash RangeResolutionStorage
Bushnell X-8 Trail Cam

Bushnell X8

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1 sec45 ft.2 MP usable32 GB SD Card


  • Adjustable passive infrared sensor
  • Accepts standard SD card memory cards
  • Fast, 1-second trigger time


  • Misleading nomenclature—advertised as a 6MP sensor, but is actually just 2MP
  • Won’t accept NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Have to remove camera from mount to change batteries or memory card

How Well Does the Bushnell X-8 Detect Movement

The Passive Infrared sensor on the Bushnell X-8 field camera is adjustable for different sensitivities, so it is Bushnell X8 picsimportant to set it properly according to the ambient temperature. In warmer summer months you will want the sensitivity set to High, so it can detect minute differences between the wildlife’s body temperature and the ambient outside temperature. On the other hand, to avoid false triggers in the winter, you should set the sensitivity to Low.

When set properly, the PIR setting works wonderfully, capturing wildlife on the move as they pass through the range of the camera. With its 45’ range, the X-8 picks up deer from quite a distance away, allowing you to capture the traffic through your area with ease.

The trigger time is blazing fast on this camera, actually triggering in less than a second. And with its 5-second recovery time, the Bushnell X-8 is ready to take another picture very quickly.

How Reliable is This Field Camera?

This seems to be the major downfall of this trail camera. Bushnell normally puts out high quality products, but this field camera is prone to failure. I’ve had to have mine replaced twice, and multiple reviewers have stated the same thing—the camera just quit working after 4-6 weeks.

Once you get a unit that doesn’t have any manufacturer’s defects, though, the camera is extremely reliable. I’ve had mine running for over a year, now, without any problems.

Here’s the catch: this camera has been discontinued by Bushnell, so getting a replacement unit is going to depend on your seller’s willingness to offer returns and exchanges.

What Is the Image Quality Like?

Bushnell X8 openedDaytime pictures are surprisingly grainy, but the 38 infrared emitters packed into the Bushnell X-8 make for some stunning night shots. Unfortunately, if you have the camera set for 4 or 6 MP mode, you will be getting digitally enhanced photos, since the actual camera sensor is only a 2MP sensor.

I would recommend keeping the camera set at 2MP, since the image quality at 4MP and 6MP will suffer greatly. You can still get some great shots at 2MP, and the quality of nighttime shots is absolutely unparalleled among the field cameras I’ve looked at in this price range.

Your shots can be stamped with the time of the shot, as well as the outside temperature at the time the shot was taken. This is a really nice feature, since it tells you when the wildlife is making its way through your property.

What Picture-Taking Modes Does This Camera Offer?

This field camera offers multiple image capture methods, from PIR-detection only to field scan to video. In field scan mode, the camera will take pictures at a pre-defined interval for the last hour and a half of daylight, or whatever time you define. In PIR mode, it captures images whenever the passive infrared sensor detects a heat signature. Video recording is web-friendly, but definitely not HD quality video.

How Many Pictures Can the Bushnell X-8 Store?

The Bushnell X-8 will support an SD Card capacity of up to 32GB, so you’re going to have to work really hard to fill up the SD card. Assuming you set the camera to 6MP mode, a 32GB SD card can store up to 15,258 photos.

How Is the Battery Life?

The Bushnell X-8 will last around 6-8 months on a single set of 8 AA batteries under most conditions. This means taking a few pictures a day, though; more frequent wildlife traffic through the range of the camera could easily mean shorter battery life. My corn field sees a lot of deer traffic, and a single set of batteries lasted me just more than six months (and that is taking dozens of pictures every night).

Is This Field Camera Easy to Use?

The controls on the Bushnell X-8 are very easy to use, and the camera incorporates several toggle switches to Bushnell X8 sidemake common settings easy to change without navigating through the menu.

The downfall in ease of use comes when you need to change out the batteries or the SD card. The screw mount is on the front of the camera, meaning you have to remove the camera from the mount in order to open it up to exchange the SD card or the batteries.

Summary of the Bushnell X-8 Field Camera

Thanks for reading our review of this field camera. Despite its drawbacks, this is a great little camera that should last for years, once you get a flawless unit. It features some of the best image-taking properties in its class, and works year-round without any problems. Make sure to check out Amazon’s price on this unit if you’re planning a purchase.


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