How We Test Crossbows For Our Reviews

First things first: we don’t accept free review products from manufacturers so that we can remain objective, and to be sure that we are testing the exact same product that you will be buying, as opposed to a “special” product enhanced by the manufacturer with the purpose of obtaining a flattering review. All crossbows we review are either:

1) Bought by us personally at an online or local store
2) Rented from archery pro-shops that we work at and which sell the crossbow
3) Borrowed from friends and colleagues

We shoot at least 100 arrows (usually much more) from each crossbow to get a feel for its performance and to try and spot any obvious mechanical faults or comfort/safety issues. Moreover, we use many of the crossbows we review on a regular basis, and have very close hunter friends who do the same and with whom we regularly compare notes and update our reviews to include newly acquired facts.

We always try to take the crossbow being reviewed out on a hunting trip so that we can get a feel for how it performs where it matters. This isn’t always possible, however, in which case the review will make it perfectly clear that we’ve only used this specific crossbow for target shooting only, since there will be no mention of an actual hunt taking place using that particular model. Once we’ve had the chance to take it out hunting, however, we always update the review to reflect that.

We try our best to have all the reviews follow very similar formats so that once you have read one of them, you are prepared to properly navigate and understand all of our reviews. This we pay particular attention to include:

1) Ease of assembly
2) Speed, kinetic energy
3) Hunting Performance
4) Safety
5) Comfort, ease of handling
6) Quality of materials
7) Quality of included accessories (scope, arrows)
8) General assessment of accuracy and performance
9) Recommended suitable accessories (case, sling)

The process above results in what we believe to be the most comprehensive crossbow review resource on the web, written by actual hunting and archery experts (as opposed to many of the reviews found online and which were written by beginners who often don’t have the necessary experience to judge the quality of a crossbow).

We hope you enjoy the results of our work.

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