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  1. Review on Barnett Brotherhood crossbow says it is loud. Suggestions to make it not so loud, but not affect the accuracy?

  2. Novice never used crossbow but looking for a reliable middle of the road brand for myself and teenage sons for boar hunting in the UK.
    Preference is for less than 8lb weight,300 plus FPS,metal trigger less than 4lb pull nylon not metal springs.
    Bolt grain 400 plus
    Draw weight 150-200
    Hoping this would suffice for boar hunting
    The minimal research ive done narrowed choice to the Parker brand specifically Tornado 4 for myself and Challenger for the kids?
    Due to look of it being comfortable and camo styling?
    Please kindly provide your suggestions

  3. How do you change the string on a Horton Legend Sl? It’s got 4 screws in the limbs and I don’t want to take it apart and not be able to put it back together again…

  4. I noticed those Fire Bolts that you are so fond of do not come with a knock. Are those able to be fired from Horton RDX storm as is or do I need to buy some sort of knock to put on them? Can I use half moon or flat knocks with the Horton RDX Storm or do I have to use Omni Knocks?

  5. About the Barnett BCR Recurve: I have a Recruit Reserve (same thing, I think). No problems. In particular, no problems with the red dot sight; I like it. I have fired 200 shots. I wish I could manage 1-inch groups at 25 yards and 2-inch groups at 50 yards. Really informative web site you folks have.

  6. How do bow manufacturing companies determine FPS and do they have a certain standard of weight for arrows/bolts they all use. If so what is that weight standard. Thank you.

  7. I will be hunting in Colorado for Elk, they require a sight with a max. magnification of 1x and no laser that will emit from crossbow to animal or electronic range finding. I was looking at the EOTech 512 Oxbow, but I don’t think that will qualify. What is the best or most popular sight ? thanks.

  8. When I originally purchased my barnett wildcat c 5, the instructions mentioned a 3 pin iron sight. I was wondering if these were even made any more, as the 3 dot reticle that came in the package doesn’t hold a zero.

  9. Loved the top crossbows piece! Very helpful in my search. What would you recommend is the best one for practicing in the backyard, just to get a feel of the crossbow before taking it into the woods.

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