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  1. have a panzer crossbow while trying to fire it the trigger separated now i’m unable to release bow.what do you recommend and can i get replacement parts??

  2. We have been using a Barnett RC-150 for several years to biopsy whales. The biopsy arrow is modified at the end with suntactic foam to prevent deep penetration into the whale. The biopsy tip is about the size of a bic pen cap. Our intent is to collect the sample with minimal disturbance of the whale. Barnett no longer makes the RC-150. Can you suggest a quality replacement bow. Cost is not a major concern. Quality and effectiveness are the key parameters.

  3. My daughter is going to be 10 this year so for her birthday I decided its time to get her in the woods. I have been doing a ton of research on crossbows every one I google usually leads me to your site, With that being said one thing I cant seem to find is the LOP for any of the crossbows I am interested in. If you could help on these 3 crossbows that would be great.

    Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter
    Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow
    PSE Vector 310 Crossbow

    Also what would you guys recommend for a first time crossbow user I want something she can grow into but safety and enjoyment are my 2 main concerns. Your information on the Recruit seems very positive but some reviews say the string breaks after 2 or 3 shots has me a bit worried. Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give.

  4. I see many crossbows for sale that are more than capable of shooting clean through a Missouri Whitetail at 30 yards. I am getting into Crossbow Hunting because I broke my wrist and can’t pull back a longbow to stay a Good Shooter. I also Gun Hunt. My weapon of choice is a 12-gauge Shotgun with 1oz slug. It usually does not go thru the deer but dead is dead. Why wouldn’t I want a crossbow that has enough power to shoot a bolt half way through a deer and let the broad head do more damage to vitals as the deer moves. I don’t care about how deep the arrow / bolt digs into the tree on the other side of the deer I am shooting.

  5. I have a Sniper 370. I have read your all’s reviews and I have asked this question a dozen times all over the place and haven’t gotten a single comment. I am shooting a Sniper 370 and the bolts I am looking in to are 475 grains. I was hoping I could kind of get a way of seeing how much arrow drop I could expect at 40-50 yards.

  6. I kneed a complete set of cables for crossbow Last Punch Mk-250. cost info and all associated info. Contact Phone # 618-240-5658

  7. Do you have some industry insider information that would help me get in touch with anyone at Precision Arrow, LLC? I have one of their Inferno Wildfire crossbows with cracked limbs and just want to place an order for replacements if they are available. So far I’ve had no response to several emails and there is no phone number on their website. Thanks for the help.

  8. I am really impressed with the precision and attention to detail on this site. Subsequently, I am asking for more information.

    Shooting on a flat plane is described in great detail, do you have any information regarding the dynamics of an arrow from a tree stand?


  9. My father bought me a parker challenger Crossbow but I have no idea what model it is can you give me a clue or a hint as to where to find this information

  10. I have an arrow precision inferno 345fps what total weight should bolt and broadhead be also have barnett recruit shoots well but when sighted for 20yds at 35 bolt drops tremendously any help please

  11. 9/25/17 purchased centerpoint sniper 370 at Dunham ludington….used maybe 6 times on 11/3/17 cocked and went to load arrow…noticed limb is severely cracked…Dunham would not honor warranty was told to contact manufacturer….please contact me asap about this issue….thank you

  12. Hi Folks:

    I have a Barnett, Delta Storm. I’ve had it since 1999. I don’t want to sell it or get another xbow but, I’m having trouble finding out the correct length of string to get for it and Barnett doesn’t support them any more. My original manual say’s 27-3/4″. A couple of web sites say 26-1/2″. I’d sure appreciate hearing from someone who knows. Thank You! Rick

  13. You need to update your review of the CenterPoint Sniper 370. This crossbow no longer comes with an illuminated scope, which was one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. CeterPoint said that it was just a promotional item for the first 2 years.

  14. Do you have any information on how the efficiency/energy of crossbows changes with time? I have a 3 year old crossbow that I know has reduced performance (been chronographed). I have replaced all the cables/strings, but it is still about 10% slower than 3 years ago (roughly 15% less kinetic energy). I expect some decline in “springiness” of the limbs, but I am not sure if this amount is normal. Is there some other part besides the cables/strings that may need to be replaced?

  15. I received a Sniper 370 crossbow as a gift and it did not come with a warranty card or instruction manual. Where do I get o
    them from

  16. Fifth try: composed offline and pasted in. It appears that the KE computer/calculator is based on arrow average velocity over distance instead of terminal velocity at the target regardless of distance. Since KE varies as the square of velocity, use of average velocity during flight over estimates KE at the target. For a bolt of mass = 400 grains and initial velocity = 300 fps with other parameters as provided by the system, the KE is over estimated by 12% at 50 yards. (See Arrow Speed Chart for terminal velocity at the target.)

  17. Crossbow scope sighting in: Most crossbow scopes are one MOA scopes, so one click at 20 yards would move 1/5″. A 1.25 MOA scope would move 1/4″ per click at 20 yards. I haven’t seen a 1.25 MOA scope.

  18. I see some call-outs for bolt-lengths on crossbows under the regulations page for various states.
    Could you possibly generate a bolt/projectile regulations line for each state on here? I was using this site to search for bolt-lengths, so that I could get an idea of the best length bolts to purchase in order to use my bow in multiple states. This would be very helpful.

  19. Was looking for string suppresser for the x-force blade. I see that the piledriver has them, do they fit the x-force and if they do where can I buy them

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