Best Crossbow Broadheads

Choosing the best crossbow broadheads is easy if you know the manufacturer’s recommended arrow head weight. In the majority of cases, the best crossbows are designed for broadheads that weigh 125 grains. If you aren’t sure what you should get for your model, there are three ways to find out:

  1. Check the weight of the field points that come with your crossbow. If they weigh 125 grains, then you want to get broadheads of exactly the same weight.
  2. Contact the manufacturer by phone or e-mail and ask them.
  3. Weigh the arrow heads that came with your crossbow yourself. You will need a very accurate scale to do that (accuracy up to the gram). Multiply the weight in grams by 15.43 and you’ll get the weight of the head in grains.

Once you know the weight, it’s time to choose the exact broadheads you’ll be getting. Below are our recommendations.

Best Broadheads For Your Crossbow

There are three main types of hunting broadheads: fixed-blade, removable-blade, and expandable-blade broadheads. We go over each of them in detail in our crossbow arrows guide – you should give it a quick read if you are unfamiliar with these three types.

#1: Barnett Outdoors X Expandable-blade Broadheads

Check pricing and user ratings here. The Barnett expandable-blade broadheads come in both 100 and 125 grain versions, and should be used with arrows that are 20″ to 22″ in length. They come in a pack of three and a five year warranty from Barnett.  The opening and collapse of the blades in these broadheads is very dependable and we’ve never experienced (nor heard of) an instance of them failing during a hunt; they do not expand mid-flight and always expand on impact. The wound they create is very large, leaving a blood trail that is very easy to track. The blades come razor-sharp out of the box and you should be careful not to cut yourself while screwing them in; we recommend using a Broadhead Wrench – not just for these, but for all broadheads.

#2: Allen Company Grizzly Three-Fixed-Blade Broadheads

Check pricing and user ratings here. These fixed-blade broadheads are available in 125-grain weight and come in packs of three. Very sharp and very well-balanced despite the low price. This design has been used since the early 1980’s and it has proven to be more than dependable. They’ll go right through any game if you hit it properly. If you’re looking for a “no-brainer” type of purchase, these broadheads fit the bill perfectly.

#3: Muzzy® Broadheads

Check pricing and user ratings here. These removable-blade broadheads are legendary for their design quality, balanced weight, razor-sharp blades and perfect penetration. They come in packs of 6, and you should avoid using them for target practice as they will tear up your target apart pretty quickly – only for hunting! Come in 125 grain weight and each broadhead has 3 blades. The pack includes instructions on blade attaching and detaching.

Things To Keep in Mind

  • Never use broadheads that weigh less than what is recommended by your crossbow manufacturer, as it will result in severe damage to your weapon and possibly serious injury; I once had the entire limbs on my crossbow crack for exactly this reason.
  • Get a broadhead wrench; it’ll make screwing-in the broadheads much easier and will make it almost impossible for you to cut yourself in the process.
  • It’s best not to buy broadheads from an unknown brand just to save a few dollars; arrow heads made by established manufacturers (Barnett, Muzzy, Allen Company) come with warranties and have proven their reliability time and time again.

Best Broadheads – Summary

If you have any questions regarding the type of crossbow broadheads you should get, please post them in the comments below – we answer all questions within 16 hours. If you want, you can also take a look through many other crossbow broadheads, however we cannot guarantee the quality of any that I didn’t mention earlier in the article.

Happy harvesting!


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  1. I am thinking about buying a Mission 400 crossbow by Mathews. Does anybody have any suggestions on what broadhead I should shoot out of this bow?

  2. i have a bowtech stryker solution I’m using gold tip bolts that came with the bow and 125gr field points its shooting 343fps i would like to use mechanical broad heads but im not sure which ones to buy any help wod be appreciated

  3. Hello, I use a mission 360 crossbow…and use it to hunt whitetail deer. I was wondering which broadhead you’d recommend to use with it. I have been using slick trick broadheads but have read that Mission does not recommend using a 4 blade broadhead. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.

  4. I have a excaluber axiom they come with 150 grain field tips the only broads I can find that are 150 bonecolectors do I have to use them thank you.

  5. I purchased a Barnett Brotherhood crossbow. It shoots at 350 fps. I will be hunting whitetail deer in TN. What grain would you recommend using a mechanical boadhead? Thank you for the assistance.

    1. Hi Ron, just to make sure: are you asking about the weight of the broadheads alone? If so, then I would go with 100-125 grain, nothing below. The brotherhood comes with carbon arrow shafts if I remember correctly – if so then 125 grain broadheads will be perfect.

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