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Thank you for visiting the Best Crossbow Source website. This place was created with one goal in mind: to become the ultimate resource, the go-to place for people interested in buying a new crossbow, learning how to use it, maintain it, and how to hunt using it.

We realize just how tiring it is when you have to scrounge the web for little bits and pieces of information, often going through dozens of different websites to finally get a clear picture of what it is you should do. This is exactly what we want to help you with. We want to provide you with a source of information that is so comprehensive and reliable that you will likely never have to check another crossbow website again.

So bookmark this website, and make sure to come back to it whenever in doubt and whenever you need to learn something. All of our articles, guides and reviews are written by people with at least 5 years of experience in crossbow shooting, archery and hunting, so you’re guaranteed to get advice from experts instead of beginners who oftentimes have no idea what they are speaking of, despite the fact that they might sound experienced at first glance.

We hope that you will enjoy going through this the Best Crossbow Source just as much as we enjoyed creating it. And please – if you did find this place helpful, kindly help us out by letting your friends know about us – you might be surprised how many of them might develop an interest in crossbow shooting. The easiest way is to use any of the social sharing buttons here – it takes just a few seconds and you’ll be doing us a huge favor (and probably your buddies as well).

Again, thank you for stopping by. We hope your hunting trips are fruitful, that you never have trouble hitting a bulls-eye, and that your arrows will fly with authority every single time.

Your Best Crossbow Source Team


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  1. Hi Mark!

    Excuse me in advance my awful English.

    I’m from Italy.

    I found your website just for chance but I can tell I really appreciate it.

    Wonderful website full of very interesting information.

    Thank you very much.

    I own an Excalibur Equinox with a Hawke XB1 1,5-5 x 32 Map scope and an Excalibur Exomax with a Hawke XB30 Compact 1,5-5 x 32 Map scope and use them just for target shooting because hunting with crossbow is strictly forbidden here in Italy.

    My shooting range, standing (no bench rest), goes from 30 to 70 yards and I’m really very satisfied of my purchase.

  2. Thanks for your attention for a all inclusive detailed informative site! One thing I might have missed that a beginner as well as an experienced shooter should be aware of reminded of is the technique you touched on but do not elaborate HOW important good technique is shooting consistently well with crossbows.I thought I was going to get one and Robin Hood arrows right away since I was a decent bow shot already but found out quickly how important the basics of good shooting show up drastically with crossbows the same as with air guns opposed to high power firearms. Mounting the stock to the shoulder, cheek on stock the same every time,not gripping the grip too tight as well as the foregrip,proper triger pull and maintaining the position as follow through all must be adhered to closely for consistent accurate shooting. Use of a cocking rope is also necessary to prevent inconsistent limb pressure. Any flaw in any one of the steps is amplified as a fault and makes for inconsistent accuracy.practice practice practice to get as near perfect form is imperative to make any crossbow shoot well. If you think you know how to shoot and pick one up, grip it too tight, jerk the trigger, pick your head up to watch where the bolt hits, you might as well not try to sight in the scope. I learned the hard way, I hope you don’t!

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