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The Top 10 Apps For Serious Hunters

Whether you’re hunting deer, bear, upland birds, or waterfowl, you want to have every edge you can. You buy ScentLok camouflaged clothes, great binoculars, spotting scopes, and the best weaponry you can. You scout your hunting locations with care, placing game cameras throughout to find out where the animals are traveling and bedding down. Do […]

Nock Out Illuminated Nocks Review

One of the biggest problems many bow hunters face is knowing exactly where their arrow flies. Whether it is a clean miss or a good hit, being able to see your arrow, especially in low light conditions, can be quite difficult. Add to that the increased speed of a crossbow, and it is easy to […]

How To Choose a Crossbow – Crossbow Source’s Beginner Guide

So you are interested in getting into archery and more specifically crossbow archery but you aren’t sure where to start…we have all been there and are happy to put together this guide for getting in to this exciting and fun sport. As this guide is geared toward beginners, we will discuss everything from selecting the […]

Crossbow Hunting in Africa – Legal Information & Game Species

There is no doubt that crossbow hunting African game species can be a rich and rewarding experience! In fact, South Africa has what is perhaps the largest variety of plains game species in the world as well as several dangerous game species for those archers who prefer a somewhat more challenging hunt. Plus, they also have […]

Nite Hawk Bow Press Review

We recently received a portable bow press from Nite Hawk archery and couldn’t wait to try it out. It came packaged in a rather inconspicuous box that didn’t give a hint of what was inside, especially given how light the package was. Once we opened the box, the bow press was packaged in a plastic […]

FirstString String Saver Rail Lube Review

On a recent trip to the range to test a number of products, we had the chance to try out the String Saver Rail Lube by FirstString. We tested the String Saver lubricant against our stock rail lube that was supplied with our test crossbow. Ease of Use The String Saver Rail Lube came packaged […]

30.06 Outdoors Rail Snot and X Fuel 325 Reviews

On a recent trip we had the opportunity to try out several rail and string lubricants to test their effect on speed and accuracy. Two of those lubes are from 30.06 Outdoors. One is called Rail Snot, and the other was X Fuel 325. Ease of Use The Rail Snot came in a squeezable tube […]

Dead Down Wind Speed Stick Review

We recently had a chance to hit the range to try out a few rail lubes and string waxes to see if they really can make a difference on speed. We chose to test multiple products under real world conditions on the same day to make things as fair as possible. One of those is […]

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Whiskers Review

We recently received a few packs of the Nitro Whiskers string silencers from Pine Ridge Archery. The Nitro Whiskers arrived in nice packaging clearly showing the product. Each package contains two 5” pieces, one for each side of the serving on the bowstring. The packages were easy to open with the instructions clearly printed on […]

Bowjax Universal Split Limb Crossbow Kit – Review

With all of the great weather we have been enjoying in South Texas recently, we took the opportunity to try out Bowjax’s Universal Split Limb Crossbow Kit on one of our test crossbows. The Universal Split Limb Kit comes in a small, clear plastic package with the dampeners clearly visible on one side, and the […]

Victory Archery XBolt Arrows Review

We recently had the opportunity to try out Victory Archery’s XBolt arrows to see how they shot. For starters, here are the specifics on the arrows we tested: Length: 20” Material: Carbon Straightness: +/- 0.003” Spine: 20F Point: 100 grain Field Point The arrows came packaged in a convenient 6-pack that didn’t seem any worse […]

ProChrono Chronograph Review

It was a beautiful day in South Texas recently so we took advantage of the warm, late winter weather to head out and do some shooting. One of the products we were set to test was the ProChrono Chronograph, which is designed to give you exact fps (feet per second) measurements of projectiles, whether it […]

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Review

We had the opportunity to take the Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod into the field recently to put it to the test. The DeadShot FieldPod is a portable shooting platform that is designed to fit just about any long gun or crossbow. It does this by having an adjustment at just about every point that one would […]

Hunting Revolution Sling-on Review

We recently had the opportunity to test out a new product designed to keep your crossbow (or rifle) from falling off your shoulder. The Hunting Revolution Sling-on is basically a cross body attachment for your crossbow sling. It utilizes a small neoprene strap that attaches to your sling to hold the crossbow against your body […]

An Overview of The Best Crossbow Targets in 2016

We are often asked what the best options are in terms of targets for shooting a crossbow into. We know this is an important question as crossbow arrows can be quite expensive and finding a way to shoot consistently without damaging them is critical to a good shooting session. Traditional archery targets are designed for […]

D’s Gear Crossbow Caddy Sling Review

Recently, we were able to try out one of the Crossbow Caddys from D’s Gear. This is not just a normal sling, but rather a system that allows for the even distribution of weight across the user’s shoulders. There are three different models available from D’s Gear and each are discussed below. The Crossbow Caddy […]

Best Deer Attractants – Scents, Calls, Decoys Guide

By Mark Nazzal So, how do you lure that big buck close enough to your stand to make that perfect shot? Well, the answer to that question is to use one the many different types and brands of deer scents available today. In fact, if you visit any sporting goods store just prior to the […]

Arrow Speed Drop – Crossbow Test Results

We had already tested and determined precise arrow drop (in inches) for over 25 different crossbow shooting speeds. Now it was time to determine arrow speed drop (in FPS). Test results below. How These Results Were Obtained? We shot 9 different crossbows, obtaining projectile speeds ranging from 200 to 400 FPS in 25 FPS increments, […]

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