Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Connecticut

The following is all we know regarding crossbow hunting regulations in the State of Connecticut. Regulations do change often and we cannot guarantee that the data presented below is accurate nor do we accept any responsibility for any decisions made based on this information. It’s always advised that you get in touch with the local authorities in Connecticut to find out what the current situation is.

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Crossbow Regulations in Connecticut

Latest Update: as of September 2013, crossbows have become legal to hunt with during entire archery season, for everyone.  Thanks to Douglas for pointing out the change!

Original text (not valid anymore): As of the moment of this writing, crossbow hunting in Connecticut is not legal, except for when a disability permit is obtained. A notice of intent was issued which might possibly result in some change, allowing crossbows to be used for hunting during the January archery deer season in certain locations; however there is no known date nor certainty involved. Additionally, the notice of intent proposes that interviews should no longer be required for people attempting to obtain a disability crossbow hunting permit.

For those who are disabled and who would like to apply for a crossbow permit, the following applies:

  • You must certify that you suffer from a permanent disability, which makes the use of vertical bows impossible.
  • Must successfully complete the Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety Advanced Bowhunting Course, or a similar course, and demonstrate proof of completion
  • Need to submit an application, along with a statement from a licensed physician, certifying you are permanently disabled.
  • It will take 2 weeks to fluly process your application. Should there be any information missing, you will be contacted as well.

Please remember that there are additional requirements, such as the minimum draw weight of your crossbow, that you need to meet. Also remember that you’ll need to keep the license with you at all times while hunting and never leave it at home. To find out more, please get in touch with CT Wildlife Division: (860) 424-3011

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  1. I do not have a disability and I have a ct hunting license for guns. Do I need another/different license to hunt with a crossbow on my own land?

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