Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Kansas

Welcome to our crossbow hunting in Kansas regulations guide. We do our best to ensure the information presented here is up to date, however we cannot guarantee that the text below is entirely void of any errors; regulations do change from time to time and it’s very possible we might have missed a recent change. As such, it is your responsibility to make confirm that the regulations below still apply before going on a crossbow hunting trip in the State of Kansas.

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Crossbow Hunting in Kansas

As of March 2013, using a crossbow for hunting in Kansas has been officially approved by the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission. Cerin restrictions still apply; the crossbow can only be used for hunting during the January deer archery season. Before this change, hunting with a crossbow was only legal in a handful of locations in Kansas, and only if:

  • You had a disability permit
  • You were 15 years or younger
  • You were 55 years or older

It’s worth noting that no mechanical devices designed to control flight trajectory can be attached to an arrow when hunting in Kansas. Nor is it allowed to use an arrow chemical dispenser to immobilize or kill game through chemical means. Finally, it’s not allowed to hunt using anything but broadheads; you may carry field points with you, but they can never be shot at an animal.

Any Changes?

If you believe the information above is no longer valid, please get in touch with us and let us know what has changed. We will check to make sure of your information is accurate and then we’ll immediately update the regulations described above. Thank you in advance for any help offered.


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  1. Your comment on deer only makes me wonder. I am 82, so I think I can hunt Turkey with my crossbow thus April???

  2. I just contacted KDWPT. I was advised that a crossbow is now legal equipment with no restrictions or special permits state wide. Hope this helps everyone including myself. I wrecked a motorcycle and my shoulder doesn’t allow traditional archery hunting, but I don’t have a disabled permit.

  3. So if I understand correctly I can use a crossbow now to hunt in Kansas on my own property? Or do I have to wait until January?

  4. I have been informed that there has been a change to the use of crossbows for hunting by parolees and ex-parolees. I have been told that they are now allowed to use crossbows for hunting, is this true??

  5. Trying to lease property in Kansas.
    I’m 65 and have shoulder disability.
    Can I hunt regular bow season or January only??

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