Redfield 115204 Revenge Scope Review

Pros:Redfield 115204 Scope

  • 80 clicks of both windage and elevation adjustment, more than most scopes in this price range
  • Performs well in low light
  • Easy to zero in


  • 34mm provides a fairly small field of view at 7X magnification
  • No rings included (but 1” scope size fits most existing rifle and crossbow rings)

Welcome to our review of the Redfield 115204 Revenge Rifle Scope ( link). Redfield is owned by parent company Leupold, and it’s time to see if the quality on the Redfield lineup of scopes matches the quality of Leupold. The price tags are certainly better, especially if the quality is on par.

NOTE: while this is marketed as a rifle scope, it works extremely well with the recoil characteristics of a crossbow, making it equally good on a crossbow as it is on a rifle.

How Is the Magnification on the Redfield 115204?

Magnification on the Redfield 115204 Revenge is from 2X to 7X, and the scope features a four-plex reticle for adjusting your aim for range. The magnification on this scope is quite good, keeping the target clear and crisp even out to maximum range. I’ve used this scope extensively on my crossbows and rifles, and always found the scope able to focus in on my target no matter what range I was shooting from.

The only beef I have with this scope is that 34mm is a tad on the smallish side for such extreme magnification as 7X. When I’m glassing a target out at that range, there is not much field of view left in the scope. Your field of view out at a hundred yards will only be about 13 feet.

How Good are the Optics?

The optics are multi-coated and provide an excellently crisp, clear picture of your target and beyond. The tube is nitrogen-filled, so you can be assured of years of fogproof usage from this scope.

What’s the Light Gathering Capability Like?

This scope is one of the nicest scopes I’ve ever used in low light conditions. The picture in this scope is just as clear and crisp at dawn or dusk as it is at high noon. I’ve taken deer and turkey in cloudy, pre-dawn conditions with this scope, and always found the target image to be crisp and full of contrast through the Redfield.

How Wide is the Field of View?

At shorter ranges, the field of view is quite reasonable, giving you 43 feet of view at 2X magnification. Step up the magnification, though, and the field of view drops like a rock, with barely 13’ visible at full magnification. This is only a 34mm scope, though, so that isn’t too surprising.

How Easy is the Scope to Mount?

The scope does not include rings, so you will want to have a set of 1” rings already, or buy a set. Once you have your rings, the scope is so easy to mount that my 8-year-old can mount his on his crossbow.

How Easy is the Scope to Sight In?

Sighting in the Redfield 115204 Revenge is a dream, with 80 MOA clicks of adjustment for both windage and elevation. It sights in easily, zeroes easily, and holds true through a fair bit of abuse. This is truly one of the best scopes I’ve ever used, and definitely lives up to the name of its parent company.

Crossbow Scope Summary

Thanks for reading my review of the Redfield 115204 Revenge. This is a terrific scope at a wonderful price, and offers all of the value of the Leupold lineup of scopes at a fraction of the price. This is definitely a keeper! Check out’s price before you make a purchase elsewhere.

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