All Reviews of Arrow Precision Crossbows

Below you will find all of the Arrow Precision crossbows that we have reviewed so far. The total count is 6 x-bows.

ModelDraw WeightStrokeVelocitySuggested Arrow LengthCrossbow Length / Weight
Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II

Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II
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225 lbs.16.5"345 FPS20"39.5" / 7 lbs.
Arrow Precision Inferno Blaze II

AP Inferno Blaze II
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150 lbs.14.5"345 FPS20"37.5" / 8 lbs.
Arrow Precision Inferno Firestorm 2

Arrow Precision IF2
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165 lbs.14.2"375 FPS20"40.5" / 8.2 lbs.
Arrow Precision Blitz II

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150 lbs.12.5"285 FPS20"33" / 7.37 lbs.
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Kit

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury
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175 lbs.10.5"235 FPS16" Aluminum, 20" Carbon31" / 4.84 lbs.


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