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Welcome to our review of Scorpyd Crossbows. Scorpyd is the inventor of reverse-draw technology and holds multiple patents. If you are not familiar with reverse- draw crossbows, the limbs are mounted in the opposite direction of a traditional crossbow. This places the bowstring further away from the shooter and means you can have a much longer power stroke than on traditional crossbows. Given the longer power stroke, you end up with much higher arrow speeds from lighter-weight limbs. Scorpyd’s best crossbows are the VTEC and the Orion Extreme, depending on what you are most focused on. The VTEC is designed for the shooter who is primarily a target shooter and the Orion Extreme is designed for the shooter who is primarily a hunter. The table below compares these models for your convenience

Top 2 Best Scorpyd Crossbows:

Scorpyd VTEC Extreme
Scorpyd VTEC Extreme
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Scorpyd Orion Extreme
Scorpyd Orion Extreme
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Velocity440 FPS440 FPS
Draw Weight175 lbs.175 lbs.
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"
Crossbow Length34.5"34.5"
Crossbow Weight8 lbs. 7 ozs.7 lbs. 8 ozs.
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Ballistic Data Comparison For The Above Crossbows

Characteristics of Scorpyd Crossbows

Scorpyd is not new to the world of crossbows. As a matter of fact, they are the founders of the reverse-draw technology we spoke of earlier, and their entire crossbow line reflects their belief in this technology. They offer each of their crossbows in one of four limb weights to allow the shooter to get exactly what they need.

Everyone knows that speed is what allows an arrow to kill. What a lot of shooters do not understand is that too much speed can also kill the accuracy of a shot as well. The faster your arrow speed, the more any inconsistencies or mistakes will be amplified. The following outlines the four draw weights and corresponding arrow speeds with a 400-grain arrow. It also gives an approximate kinetic energy at the muzzle for each as well:

  • 110 lb. draw: 370 fps 121 FPKE
  • 135 lb. draw: 390 fps 135 FPKE
  • 160 lb. draw: 420 fps 158 FPKE
  • 175 lb. draw: 440 fps 173 FPKE

Knowing what you plan to shoot, and at what distances will help you to select the best draw weight for your needs. If you plan to do most of your shooting at traditional bow ranges (30 yards or so), the 110 lb. draw is going to work best for you as it will be easier to cock and will be more forgiving of any errors. As you look at longer ranges or bigger game, upping the draw weight will make sense, but only you can make the best determination of what will best suit your needs.

One important feature to note about the entire line of Scorpyed Crossbows is their extreme accuracy. In most cases, a Scorpyd Crossbow is likely to have the ability to outshoot the shooter. What that means is that very few crossbow shooters will ever spend enough time to consistently shoot 1” groups at 100 yards. Scorpyd Crossbows are actually capable of this, so much so, that Scorpyd recommends you never even go for a grouping, but rather for multiple aim point bullseyes. This is to keep you from damaging your arrows with a tight group pattern.

Scorpyd offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on their crossbows. We have spoken to many folks that tell us the warranty is really at the discretion of Scorpyd, but they are quite liberal with their warranty and do a really good job of backing up their products.

Scorpyd Crossbow Accessories

Scorpyd is primarily in the market of building quality crossbows, and the number of accessories offered that are actually made by Scorpyd are quite few. They offer a nice padded case for their crossbows that is specifically designed to fit a reverse draw crossbow. A traditional case simply isn’t going to work for a backwards set of limbs!

Scorpyd Arrows

Scorpyd offers two lines of arrows for their Extreme series of crossbows. Both are of excellent quality and are designed for the speeds generated by the Extreme series from Scorpyd. The SPEC Gold Tip Laser III Arrows are an excellent choice for most shooting applications. If you want to up the game a bit, the SPEC Black Eagle Executioner Arrows are also available which feature an upgraded vane.

Scorpyd Cocking Devices

Scorpyd offers a sled cocking device for their crossbows. Because of the unique design of their crossbows, you will want to ensure you specifically purchase one of their rope cocking devices. Even their base packages come with a rope cocker, just be sure to stay with Scorpyd should you ever need to replace it.

One last note on cocking devices: The Orion Crossbow model is the only Scorpyd that does not feature a folding stock. This allows you to upgrade to the AcuDraw crank cocking system that mounts in the stock of the Orion. This means you lose the option of a folding stock, but realistically, how often are you going to be shooting in the folded configuration?

Scorpyd Optics

Scorpyd does not currently make any of their own optics. They currently offer the Hawke 1.5 – 5 X 32 Illuminated scope on their package kits. If you want the ability to custom dial your speed, you can also purchase the Trijicon XB 2 (340 – 400 fps) or XB 3 (400 – 440fps) depending on the speed range you are looking for.

Other Accessories

Scorpyd also offers replacement cables and strings for their crossbows. They come standard with string stops, but do not make any dampener kits. They do offer a Bowjax Limbsaver kit for the Extreme line that offers an effective extra silencing for their crossbows.

The Scorpyd crossbows all come standard with sling swivel mounts, and offer the Limbsaver Kodiak Sling as an option.

Buying a Used Scorpyd Sports Crossbow

We always recommend against buying a used crossbow, simply because you won’t really know what condition the crossbow is in unless you are intimately familiar with crossbow design and manufacturer. The fact that Scorpyd does offer a limited lifetime warranty on their crossbows is a good thing, but remember that is only for the original purchaser. Given the incredible speeds generated by the Scorpyd Extreme line, we would be hard pressed to say it is a good idea to buy used, unless you have a pro shop you really trust to check it out first.

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