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Welcome to the best Barnett crossbow reviews and guide to Barnett’s accessories. The comparison chart below lists the finest crossbows manufactured by Barnett. A side-by-side comparison is possible, and you can click the “Our Review” link to read a very detailed overview of that crossbow. We updated this page on a monthly basis, including new information and reviews of previously unlisted Barnett x-bows.

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Best Barnett Crossbows:

Ghost 410 CRT

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT crossbow
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Jackal Crossbow

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package
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Barnett Buck Commander Extreme

Barnett Buck Commander Extreme

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Wildcat C6

Barnett Wildcat C6
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Our ReviewOur ReviewOur ReviewOur Review
Draw Weight185 lbs.150 lbs.185 lbs.125 lbs.
Velocity410 FPS315 FPS365 FPS320 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length22"20"20"20"
Crossbow Length37.3"35.5"35.25"35.75"
Crossbow Weight7.3 lbs.7.7 lbs.7.1 lbs.7 lbs.

Ballistic Data For Our Top Barnett Crossbows:

What Do Barnett Crossbows Have in Common?

If you read our Barnett Crossbow reviews, you’ll notice a few common features:

  • Most of them are compound crossbows
  • The draw weight is not large, although the FPS is excellent
  • They are somewhat heavy, as most compounds are
  • They come with a 5-year limited Warranty from Barnett
  • Different price ranges are available, with the cheapest being the Panzer V (anywhere from $200 to over $1000)

There are other, more expensive Barnett Crossbows out there, however, we don’t believe the extra features justify the inflated costs. The crossbows reviewed here are ones we would happily recommend to anyone with the right budget.

Also, it’s worth noting that our best crossbow rankings page has included at least one Barnett bow since 2013.

Barnett Crossbow Accessories

Other than crossbows, Barnett also has a wide range of x-bow accessories available on sale. Most of these accessories can be used with any crossbow – not just those manufactured by Barnett. Here are some of the more popular and best-selling items:

Barnet Crossbow Bolts

Depending on the model you get from Barnett, you’ll need bolts that are either 18, 20 or 22 inches long. The company offers all three sizes (carbon) in packs of five and with field points. To go hunting, you will need to get buy some quality hunting broad-heads separately. Take a moment to view the best deals on Barnett’s bolts and to read some user reviews of those bolts.

Barnet Crossbow Scopes

The company currently offers two premium crossbow scopes: the Illuminated 3-reticle scope with 4x magnification and a ring scope. Both are fully compatible with all of Barnett’s crossbows, and will also fit any other crossbows with the appropriate mount. Both are also water, shock and fog-resistant. A limited lifetime warranty is issued by Barnett as well.

Barnet Crossbow Case

The company offers a simple, zipper crossbow case without padding. Nothing fancy, but very cheap and definitely gets the job done. Comes with two padded shoulder slings for a comfortable carry in the field. The outside of the case includes two extra compartments that can be used to store bolts, a rope cocking aid, and other accessories you might need for tuning.

Barnet Crossbow Cocking Aid

If you read our Barnett Crossbow reviews, you’ll learn that their weapons don’t come with a huge draw weight. This means a relatively strong person will not require a cocking aid device. For the not-so-strong, and for those who just prefer to make the job easier, Barnett offers:

  • A rope cocking aid that reduces the force required to draw the string by half.
  • A crank cocking aid that goes with Barnett’s crossbows, and which reduces cocking tension to 15-16 lbs.

Barnett’s cocking aids are quite cheap compared to those of other crossbow manufacturers.

Used Barnett Crossbows For Sale

If you insist on buying a used Barnett crossbow, we recommend doing so over Craigslist or any other service where it’s possible for you to inspect your crossbow before handing in your money. Used crossbows often come with defects that the previous owner might not have been aware of, and which can only be recognized by an experienced shooter. Make sure to inquire about the remaining warranty period as this could mean the difference between a great purchase, and a complete waste of time and money.

We generally recommend that rank beginners get a cheap but new crossbow, than buying high-end used model at a significant discount. Take a moment to check out our top 10 crossbows where you can read reviews and compare prices.

Best Barnett Crossbow Reviews – Summary

Don’t let the appearance of a crossbow be the determining factor when making a purchase. Take 30 minutes of your time to read our Barnett Crossbow reviews linked to above, and make an educated decision after having weighed the pro’s and con’s of each model. Make sure to read our tuning & maintenance guide as well to learn about the steps necessary to keep your crossbow in excellent shape and to maintain performance.


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  1. My question is do they make a larger foot stirup? I seem to have a problem getting my big foot especially with snake boots on in the provided stock stirup If there is a larger one I would like to know

    1. Hi Michael,

      To be honest I have no idea. I’ll contact a friend who works at Barnett and will e-mail you with the answer I receive.

    2. I had the same problem, I bought the crank that installs into the stock. Makes it much easier to cock the crossbow in the stand.

  2. li lost my crank handle for Auto cocker and having trouble finding a replacement. Barnett website didn’t show it available! Any info would help

  3. Your testing with the barnett raptor fx, what arrows were you using. Did the string break on you? Ijust reviewing product. Alot of people have no problem with 1000’s of shots, so have broken string from 1 shot. Trying to see if its recall that got fixed, bad package deal arrows, human error, etc.. Please respond back. Thanks. Kyle Jeansonne

  4. Hi, what Barnett crossbows are made in the USA (if any)? I’m willing to spend a little extra for USA-made quality. Looking for an entry level crossbow, like the Jackal, Raptor, Wildcat C5/C6, etc. I’d appreciate any input. Thanks.

  5. I just bought the 2017 Barnett rogue crossbow does anybody have any experience with this model I can’t find any reviews on this model.

  6. Do Not But a Barnett, they will not return your calls or emails. After waiting an hour for a representative, I was told to try calling back in a month. I asked to have a supervisor call me back and of course they never did. Your bow will last maybe a year, then yhe stthe string will probably break and soon the limbs will crack. You will get No Help fixing it. You will have wasted your time and money. Go to a Bow dealer and buy a brand that they can service in house. Barnett is Junk and their service is non existent. Your going to get screwed lol

  7. I had the same results. No returns on emails (5), over an hour to answer the phone, ( if they actually do ) not to mention, my Ghost 385 is the biggest piece of junk on earth.

  8. I received as a gift from my son a Barenett C5 Wildcat, have killed 3 deer with the crossbow, it is very accurate to over 50 yards, am extremely pleased with the crossbow, the C6 is an upgrade to this unit as mine is 10 years old and still going strong.

  9. This was not my experience with Barnett. I have a Jackal and am going on my 5th year. It is important you lube the strings after every 7th shot (& every other lubing inclde the rail)

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