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Welcome to the best Diamond Archery crossbow reviews. While Diamond has a wide variety of bows, they only have a handful of crossbows to choose from. We’ve identified three x-bows by Diamond Archery that we consider to be among the best on the market. They are the StrykeZone 350 TS, the StrykeZone 380, and the StrykeZone Solution LS. We’ve put together a table, which you can see below, that lays out the most important characteristics of each model.

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Best Diamond Archery Crossbows:

Diamond Strykezone 350 TS

Diamond Strykezone 350 TS

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Diamond StrykeZone 380

Diamond StrykeZone 380

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Diamond StrykeZone Solution LS

Diamond StrykeZone Solution LS

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Draw Weight135 lbs.160 lbs.155 lbs.
Velocity375 FPS380 FPS390 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"22"20"
Crossbow Length34.375"34.75"34.375"
Weight6.9 lbs.6.9 lbs.6.9 lbs.
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Ballistic Data For Our Top Diamond Archery Crossbows:

Characteristics of Diamond Archery Crossbows

Diamond Archery’s Stryker lineup is a collection of compound crossbows with draw weights between 135 pounds and 160 pounds. These crossbows all feature bullpup stocks and Diamond Archery’s CeaseFire secondary safety, for added assurance that you won’t misfire your crossbow. The speeds of these crossbows range from 375 FPS to 390 FPS, and all three deal out enough kinetic energy to take down the largest legal game in North America.

If you purchase your Diamond Archery x-bow from an authorized retailer, it will come with a limited lifetime warranty. That warranty is non-transferrable, though, but Diamond and its child companies have some of the friendliest customer service representatives in the business, folks who are always ready to help in any way they can.

Diamond Archery Crossbow Accessories

Diamond Archery doesn’t manufacture accessories under the Stryker name, but they are the parent company for Excalibur crossbows. The accessories manufactured under the Excalibur banner are some of the best in the industry, and can easily be used with StrykeZone crossbows.

Buying a Used Diamond Archery Crossbow

It’s never a good idea to purchase a used crossbow, because you can’t truly know the condition of the limbs and the rest of the components unless you are a trained bow technician. While StrykeZone crossbows are covered under a limited lifetime warranty, that warranty is not transferrable, so you won’t benefit from it unless you are the original owner. If you absolutely must purchase a used crossbow from Diamond Archery, we recommend using eBay or Craigslist to find one.

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