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Welcome to the best Mission crossbow reviews and guide to Mission’s accessories. The comparison chart below lists the finest crossbows manufactured by Mission. A side-by-side comparison is possible, and you can click the “Our Review” link to read a very detailed overview of that crossbow. We update this page on a monthly basis, including new information and reviews of previously unlisted Mission x-bows so keep checking back.

Best Mission Archery Crossbows All Mission Archery Reviews

Best Mission Crossbow Models:

Mission MXB 320

Mission MXB 320

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Mission MXB Sniper

Mission MXB Sniper Review – a Crossbow by Matthews

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Mission Dagger

Mission Dagger Review – a Crossbow by Matthews

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Draw Weight180/150/120/100 lbs.150 lbs.220/200/150/125 lbs.
Velocity320/290/260/225 FPS310 FPS340 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length22"22"20"
Crossbow Length31" 32.75"31"
Weight6.5 lbs.6 lbs.6.3 lbs.
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Ballistic Data For Our Top Mission Archery Crossbows:

What do Mission Crossbows have in Common

If you read our Mission Crossbow reviews, you’ll notice a few common features:

  • All are compound crossbows
  • The draw weights range from 100 to 220 lbs while offering fast speeds
  • All utilize X-cam technology
  • All have integrated scope mounts
  • No stirrups (all use an integrated X-Tread to cock)
  • All are lightweight (under 7 lbs)
  • All have adjustable buttstocks
  • They come with a lifetime limited Warranty
  • More on the upper end of price ranges

The Mission line of MXB crossbows is very similar in feel, accuracy and quietness. The biggest variations found throughout the product lineup are weight and dimensions (both are rather small differences) and speed. Each Mission crossbow is available in one of four package levels: the XB Beginner, XB Basic, XB Hunter and XB Pro. The difference in each package level revolves around the quiver and the scope supplied.

If you’re looking for some cheaper x-bows, check out our best crossbows for the money page.

Mission Crossbow Accessories

Other than crossbows, Mission offers a wide range of x-bow accessories available for sale. Given the unique design of the Mission MXB line, many (but not all) accessories are specific to the Mission crossbow. Here are some of the more popular and best-selling items:

Mission Crossbow Bolts

All current Mission crossbow packages come standard with three 22” crossbow bolts. Mission does offer the 20” Dagger bolts which have been designed for the MXB-Dagger and MXB-320. Mission has also partnered with Burt Coyote to offer Lumenok bolts for the MXB line. These bolts come preassembled with special Lumenok assemblies to allow for the tracking of your arrow flight in lower-light conditions. Mission also offers packages of aluminum half-moon nocks which are required should you use after-market bolts that come with plastic nocks. Broadheads and field points will need to be purchased separately. Take a moment to view the best deals on Mission’s bolts and to read some user reviews of those bolts.

Mission Crossbow Optics

Mission offers 4 different scopes, depending on the package level selected. The Beginner level comes with a Hawke 4×32 wire reticle, non-illuminated scope. The Basic includes a Hawke 3×32 MAP wire reticle, non-illuminated scope. The Hunter comes with a variable speed 2 color illuminated scope and the Pro level has a Hawke XB 1.5 – 5 SR, Etched reticle. All scopes use weaver-style rings and should mount on any crossbow utilizing the same mounting system.

Crossbow Case

Mission offers a heavy duty padded soft case which is included in all MXB packages. The case has an outside pocket for storing quiver and arrows as well as a pocket on the opposite side for storing accessories. The heavy duty handle makes carrying the case very comfortable.

Crossbow Cocking Aids

Reading our reviews on the MXB line, you will notice that the crossbows all require some sort of cocking aid. The standard cocking rope that comes in each package does a great job of assisting in cocking the crossbow. Mission’s PCC (Positive Cocking Control) greatly aids in the cocking as the rope attaches underneath the buttstock, allowing for a smooth pull. If you want to enhance the ease of cocking, Mission also offers an RSD cocking system that fits all MXB models. This system is quick to remove and allows for near total silent cocking. It is as simply as cranking a fishing reel and allows anyone, young or old, to easily cock any MXB crossbow.

Additional Accessories

Mission offers the MX-3 quiver which is designed to attach on the top side of the MXB line. This is a great quiver in that it is lightweight while fully protecting broadheads to ensure they don’t pose a threat to the user. The quiver does add a bit of awkwardness and many users like to store them in the case when in actual hunting conditions. There is also an available accessory rail that bolts to the underside of the Mission crossbows. This is a great feature as it allows you to add a light or even a bipod for more fun in the field.

Used Mission Crossbows for Sale

If you want to look at purchasing a used Mission crossbow, we recommend doing so only where you are able to personally inspect the bow before letting go of your money. A used crossbow can come with defects (either known or unknown by the current owner) that could require significant repair or even pose very real danger when shooting. Taking the crossbow to your local shop that you trust for a quick inspection could mean the difference between a great purchase, and a complete waste of time and money.

We generally recommend to less-experienced crossbow users that it is better to purchase a lower-priced new crossbow than an expensive used one at a discount as they may not have the skill level yet to truly evaluate the condition of the used crossbow. Take a moment to check out our top 10 crossbows where you can read reviews and compare prices.

Best Mission Crossbows Review Summary

All of the Mission MXB line of crossbows are lightweight, accurate, easy to cock and just downright good looking. Take a few minutes to read through the reviews on the MXB line to better understand which crossbow is right for you and your needs. The price is going to vary depending on the package level you choose, just remember at the heart of each you are still getting the same great model. Taking a few minutes to determine what kind of speed you need (or want) versus what your budget is will greatly assist you in your purchase decision. Make sure to read our tuning & maintenance guide as well to learn about the steps necessary to keep your crossbow in excellent shape and to maintain performance.

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