Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Maryland

We have performed our due diligence in order to gather the most current and accurate information regarding the crossbow hunting regulations in the state of Maryland. This does not mean that we are able to guarantee its validity. It is possible that we have overlooked an update. The best course of action is to confer with your local state government regarding these regulations. Anyone who is unable to do this may ask us for assistance.

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Crossbow Regulations in Maryland

It is lawful in the state of Maryland to use crossbows to harvest woodchucks; nutria; all game fowl excluding waterfowl; and all game mammals excluding weasels; beavers; muskrats; minks; and river otters.
It is legal to use laser and telescopic sights in combination with crossbows.

  • Crossbows are only permitted for use in harvesting bear and/or deer when the draw is no less than 75 pounds.
  • All crossbows must be equipped with a functional safety.
  • Loaded crossbows are not legally permitted to be leaned against or within any vehicles. They may be within or leaned against vehicles when cocked as long as there is no bolt/arrow in the firing position.
  • Arrows used in harvesting bear or deer must feature sharpened broadheads with metal points and should be at least 7/8 of an inch.
  • Crossbows can be lawfully used in harvesting deer during muzzleloader and deer firearms season. This must be in compliance with muzzleloader and firearms season regulations.
  • It is not lawful to use arrows which are chemically treated or equipped with explosives.
  • A bow stamp must be purchased along with a valid hunting license in order to lawfully hunt deer within the bow season.
  • Senior Lifetime Consolidated Licensed hunters are not required to purchase a bow stamp.

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It is our goal to provide only current data; however, updates sometime slip past our knowledge as these occur frequently. If we have erred while gathering the information supplied above, please tell us and we will update our data.


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    1. Yes. It does not qualify as a firearm under the definition of firearms. Air rifles are also permitted. I’m a felon living in Maryland and have researched this myself.

  1. Trying to confirm .
    Hunting deer with a license of course.

    What is the minimum distance between a dwelling with live occupent’s 100yrds???

    1. Did you find any more info on crossbow and compound bows… I’d like inquire as to what sources you used… if you could send me any of the links or whatever you can remember about what you used or how you found them would be awesome. I hope it’s no trouble and I very much appreciate it and I thank you much sweets.


  2. Do I need to take the Hunter’s Safety Course to hunt with a crossbow ?
    I did take the Hunter’s Crossbow Education course at hunter’s-ed. and passed with 80%.I need to know if it is mandatory for first time hunter’s license in the State of MD.

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