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Welcome to the best Parker crossbow reviews. Here you’ll find a comparison of what we consider to be the finest three crossbows manufactured by Parker Bow:  the Bushwacker 150, the Enforcer 160 and the Hornet Extreme. Parker has a good 12 or more crossbow models on the market right now, however we believe the following three provide the best “bang for your buck” factor.

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Best Parker Crossbows:

Parker Bushwacker 150

Parker BushWacker 150
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Parker Enforcer 160

Parker Enforcer 160
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Parker Hornet Extreme

Parker Hornet Extreme
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Our ReviewOur ReviewOur Review
Draw Weight150 lbs.160 lbs.165 lbs.
Velocity285 FPS305 FPS315 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"20"
Crossbow Length33.5"37.25"34"
Crossbow Weight7 lbs.7.1 lbs.7.5 lbs.

Ballistic Data For Our Top Parker Crossbows:

What Do Parker Crossbows Have in Common?

If you read our Parker crossbow reviews, you’ll find they have a few things in common:

  • The draw weight is in the 150-160 lbs. range, though velocity (Feet Per Second) is around 300 FPS or higher.
  • The FPS is calculated using 20″ arrows weighing a total of 400 grain (including insert and broad-head/field point).
  • They make compound crossbows almost exclusively.
  • Come with a limited life-time warranty.
  • Except for the “Challenger” model, they come with multi-reticle scopes.
  • They have a military-style stock
  • They are relatively quiet where compound crossbows are concerned.

These are fine crossbows for both target shooters and hunters alike.

Parker Crossbow Accessories

Below are some of the most popular crossbow accessories manufactured by Parker Bows.

Parker Crossbow Case

The company’s most renowned model is the Parker Red Hot Crossbow case. Comes with an external pocket you can use to store your quiver and bolts. The design is black and red, with a padded interior – perfect for protecting your crossbow and scope during long bumpy car rides. The case can be carried using either the padded shoulder slings or a carry handle. For the quality you get, this is definitely one of the cheapest crossbow cases around.

Parker Crossbow Bolts

Since their crossbows are designed with 20″ projectiles in mind, expect all of Parker’s bolts to be 20 inch long. These bolts are exceptionally straight and in the same league as Barnett’s arrows where durability and precision are concerned. They come in a pack of 6 an usually you’ll need to order field points and/or broadheads separately. All of Parker’s arrows are made of carbon. and are made in the United States.

Parker Scopes

Parker makes a relatively wide range of scopes, both multi-reticle and re-dot models. The price can be anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars, depending on the size, optics quality, and magnification (the latter can be as low as 1x and as high as 4x). Their best model – the Red Hot 3X32 Illuminated scope:

  • Comes with five brightness settings in both red and green
  • Works with any crossbow with an FPS of 300 or more
  • Has a FOV (field of view) of over 50 feet at a distance of 100 yards.
  • Is weather-proof

Take a moment to brows through some of Parker’s finest crossbow scopes.

Parker’s Cocking Aid

Parker is best known for its compound x-bow Sidewinder Crank, which is light-weight and very compact when compared to other crank aid devices on the market, though it’s not particularly cheap. You can of course get a regular rope cocking aid as well if you want.

Used Parker Crossbows For Sale

As you can see from our best Parker crossbow reviews, the majority of these x-bows are compound. Compared to recuves, compound crossbows are much more high-maintenance and there are more issues that can potentially arise. As a result, we strongly recommend against buying a used Parker x-bow, unless you are experienced enough with compounds to be able to assess the condition of the used weapon. Make sure you are able to personally inspect the crossbow before you pay for it as well.  Both eBay and Craigslist contain a decent number of Parker crossbows for sale.

Best Parker Crossbow Reviews – Summary

If there’s a different Parker cross bow you’d like us to examine, or if you are having performance issues with any of your current x-bows, use the contact form or leave a message using the comments section below. We want this website to become the ultimate resource for crossbow shooters nationwide, and we could definitely use your help in achieving that honorary status.


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  1. I need a forearm hand grip for my safari,cut half my thumb off last year and can’t find a forearm grip can u help

  2. I shoot a Parker Thunderhawk that I purchased 2 years ago. Did a lot of research & felt it was a lot of bow for the buck. It is super accurate, have shot many other bows at twice the price, & still feel the Thunderhawk is lots of bow for the $$. The only negative is that it is a bit noisy, however the new ones come with silencers which mine does not have. I have harvested deer & wild hogs with it. I can hit coke cans all day long & 35to 40 yds. So I enjoy hunting with it & feel confident shooting game @ 30 yds. That’s my max range do to my old eyes @ 72. Furthermore, I believe anything past that range is not responsible hunting.

  3. I bought a parker terminator bow new from “Gods Country” sporting in Albemarle NC .They are no longer in business and I bought the bow seven or eight years ago. I was hunting and my left limb shattered .How and where do I go about getting it fixed?

  4. I have never owned a x-bow but I am looking to buy a used xbow. It is a Parker challenger. It’s a deal I almost can’t pass up. The bow itself is in very good condition. It is missing the cocking device and I’m not sure if it will fire correctly. Is there any thing you can tell me to help me with this. Also I read that there was a problem with the laminate on it. I want to get this for my grandson who has expressed an interest in a x-bow.

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