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Welcome to the best Ten Point crossbow reviews. Not only do we compare TenPoint’s top x-bows here, we also take a look at the finest accessories developed by the manufacturer. Ten Point is rather known for high-end crossbows almost exclusively, meaning you should expect to spend $1,000 or so for a quality weapon of their making. Let’s take a closer look at their top 3 models: Stealth XLT (with ACUdraw), Maverick HP (with ACUdraw), Lazer HP, and the mighty TenPoint Carbon Xtra Deluxe.

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Best TenPoint Crossbows:

TenPoint Stealth XLT

TenPoint Stealth XLT
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TenPoint Turbo GT

TenPoint Turbo GT

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TenPoint Stealth FX4

TenPoint Stealth FX4
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TenPoint Venom

TenPoint Venom

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Our ReviewOur ReviewOur ReviewOur Review
Draw Weight185 lbs.175 lbs.185 lbs.185 lbs.
Velocity320 FPS360 FPS370 FPS353 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"20"20"
Crossbow Length37.30"35"34.4"34.6"
Crossbow Weight7.3 lbs.6 lbs. 8 ozs.6 lbs. 8 ozs.6.5 lbs.

Ballistic Data For Our Top TenPoint Crossbows:

What Do Ten Point Crossbows Have in Common?

Ten Point’s crossbow price tags are justified. Some of the features you can expect include:

  • TenPoint’s ACUdraw technology, which is a built-in, extremely small, light-weight (less than 1 lbs.) cocking mechanism. No large protruding parts as with regular attachable crank cocking aids. Drawing a Ten Point crossbow can be done with just one finger, it’s that easy.
  • Exceptionally high-quality stocks, with the finest design and most ergonomic grip you’ll ever hold.
  • They feature a velocity of 300 FPS and more.
  • They are relatively light-weight.
  • They are all compound crossbows.
  • They come with high quality multi-reticle scopes
  • Velocity is always measured using 20″ bolts (and that’s what you get with each package)

If money is not an issue, check out our Ten Point crossbow reviews and get yourself the finest weapon in the industry.

Ten Point Crossbow Accessories

Below are some of the most popular items you are likely to purchase from Ten Point’s range of crossbow accessories.

Ten Point Crossbow Case

Ten Point has some excellent cases, including:

  • The Deluxe Soft Carry Case, which can be used for both recurve and compound crossbows. Comes with a padded shoulder sling. Extremely durable with double stitches and thick lining. Will protect your crossbow from almost anything. Will hold all accessories as well.
  • The Take-Down Crossbow Case.  Will only fit a crossbow once the prod has been detached from the stock. Shaped like a regular handbag, it can be used to carry a crossbow through an airport. Comes with a shoulder strap and compartments for any crossbow accessories.

Before buying a case, read our Ten Point crossbow reviews. Some packages already include a case in the price, and you wouldn’t want to end up with two cases by accident.

Ten Point Crossbow Scopes

The company has one of the best crossbow scopes in their line – the TenPoint Rangemaster Pro 1.5. The size is 5×30 mm and its designed for crossbows with an FPS of between 275 and 365 FPS. No adjustments are necessary on this scope, which has three duplex cross-hairs and includes 4 dots (20, 30, 40 and 50 yard distances). The optics are military grade and provide for an exceptionally bright view of the target even in low-light conditions.

There are a few other crossbow scopes offered by Ten Point, for example the 3X Pro View 2, or the 3x Multi-Line scope.

Ten Point Crossbow Bolts / Arrows

Almost all crossbows manufactured by TenPoint come with 20″ bolts (carbon or aluminum), including field points. The Feet-Per-Second velocity for each model has been calculated using this size, and keep in mind that the size and weight of the arrows use will impact velocity and accuracy over longer distances.

Two types of TenPoint bolts are particularly popular:

  • The SuperBrite Pro Elite Carbon Bolts. 20 inches long, come in a pack of six. Come with 6x 100 grain field points. The color of these arrows makes them very easy to see an find when they miss a target.
  • The Aluminum XX75 Bolts. 20 inches and come in a pack of three. Made obviously of aluminum.

Ten Point Cocking Aids

As mentioned earlier, Ten Point’s crossbows feature ACUdraw technology – a small, light, build-in mechanism for quick and effortless cocking of the weapon. As such, there is no need for any rope or crank cocking aids in this case.

Used Ten Point Crossbows For Sale

As always, we advise against buying a used crossbow – especially one as expensive as those made by Ten Point – unless:

  • You are experienced enough to spot sighs of wear and possible micro damage to the limbs, cams, stock and mounting points.
  • You are allowed to inspect the crossbow before buying it.

As such, your best for finding a used Ten Point crossbow for sale is CraigsList.



TenPoint offers the following warranty on their products:

  • A lifetime warranty on the crossbow (stock, prod, cams, foot stirrup)
  • A five-year warranty on the ACUdraw cocking mechanism

Make sure to read our Ten Point Crossbow Reviews as well, as some models will additionally include one or two check-up and maintenance certificates.

Best Ten Point Crossbow Reviews – Summary

We hope you found the guide above helpful. We constantly update our Ten Point Crossbow reviews as well as add new ones to accurately reflect the current situation on the market. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have, regardless of your experience with archery. Shoot us an e-mail or leave a comment below for any reason at all. Thanks!


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  1. I have an 8 year old ten point titan xlt? I purchased new from your headquarters. It’s in need of a new string and cable and the accudraw that I broke a few years back. I LOVE the bow, it just needs a tune up…. Can I bring it in , I live a short drive away.

    1. Richard John, give Tenpoint a call they have excellent customer service. They will talk you thru on which serving string and cables you need to get for your model. The shipping is very quick. You can then go to your local business bow shop or a bass pro and have them install it for you.

  2. My kid bought me a Horton fury crossbow and the safety mechanism is broke on it. Is there anything you can do to help fix? I know the Horton company went out of buisness.

  3. I bought a new ten point crossbow with the side mount quiver only used it a couple times this year. As I was cranking the bow back the steal side mount quiver broke right off. I called the warranty department wait 15 minutes to talk with somebody and they told me that’s to bad nothing we can do about it. Well I guess you sell a bunch of junk if things break that easy.

  4. I have a nitro X have had issues with it add more than one occasion. Ten point fixed it the first time send it back. I now have the same problem they had me take it to an archery store to fix. I called today to check on the status from the manufacture he told me the parts have been sent to fix the crossbow. He explain to me maybe I should have a second crossbow as back up. Do you buy the top-of-the-line crossbow to have to buy a second as a back up these are two to $3000 a piece.

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