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Howdy, and welcome to this collection of the best PSE crossbow reviews. PSE might be more well known for their compound bows, but they make a few excellent crossbows, as well. There are three PSE crossbows that we consider being worth the money, and these are the Dream Season RDX 365, the Reaper, and the Toxic Skullworks. The table below outlines the specifications for these crossbows, and the rest of this article will talk about what you can expect from PSE for your crossbow needs.

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Best PSE Crossbows:

PSE Dream Season RDX 365 Crossbow

PSE Dream Season RDX 365 Crossbow

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PSE Reaper Crossbow

PSE Reaper Crossbow

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PSE Toxic Skullworks Crossbow

PSE Toxic Skullworks Crossbow

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Draw Weight165 lbs.185 lbs.150 lbs.
Velocity365 FPS310 FPS325 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"20"
Crossbow Length37.5"38"35.25" to 39"
Crossbow Weight7 lbs.8 lbs.9.4 lbs.
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Ballistic Data For Our Top PSE Crossbows:

Characteristics of PSE Crossbows

PSE’s collection of crossbows includes compound crossbows with draw weights of between 150# and 185#. These crossbows all have speeds of between 310 FPS and 330 FPS, meaning they are powerful enough to take down even the largest moose, bear, or Cape buffalo. They tend towards the heavy side of the spectrum, though, weighing between 8 and 9.4 pounds. PSE’s crossbows are also rather loud, unless you add in limb dampeners and string silencers.

PSE crossbows include a limited lifetime warranty, but it is easy to void the warranty. We would expect dry firing to void a x-bow’s warranty, but PSE will also decide the warranty is valid if you use LocTite on the fasteners. This is unfortunate, because fasteners have a tendency to vibrate loose particularly fast on many of PSE’s crossbows.

PSE Crossbow Accessories

PSE manufactures a handful of accessories for their crossbows, but mainly in the category of crossbow bolts. These bolts, which include the Carbon Force lineup, the TAC lineup, and the Viper series, all shoot straight and are well-constructed to avoid splintering and cracking when fired into tough targets from point blank range. PSE crossbow bolts are available uncut, as well as in lengths from 17” to 26.25” (required for the TAC series of PSE crossbows).

PSE does sell padded cases for their TAC crossbows, as well as a bipod for the TAC series.

Buying a Used PSE Crossbow

Buying a used crossbow is a dangerous proposition. Unless you are a trained bow technician or are otherwise intimately familiar with crossbow manufacture and design, it can be next to impossible to accurately gauge the condition of a used model. You often won ‘t know if the x-bow has been dry fired, which means you won’t know if the lifetime warranty is valid or not. If you absolutely cannot purchase a PSE crossbow new and want to buy used, we recommend using eBay or Craigslist for your shopping.


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  1. I am a disabled bow hunter and need something that will not hurt my chest when I hunt. Is the Fang a good crossbow?

    1. I just bought the pse fang, my first xbow. Love it.Use the rope cock and you won’t have any’s an excellent bow for budget minded at $300, but it also has a relatively high velocity of 345fps…

  2. Just bought my first, PSE Fang. I couldn’t believe how accurate it is coming straight from the box with the bolts provided. Once I zero’d at 20 yards, the rest were dead on out to 50. The only thing I recommend is using 100 grain Rage slip cams. After shooting several others, they shot the best.

    1. I bought my first crossbow in 2015 and it was a POSE Fang. I used the Blood Sport Pro Hunter 20 in bolts and Shwacker 2 blade mechanical broadheads. I also bought a Tru Glow 3 dot scope for it. I set the 1st dot at 20 yards, and I tested mine just to see how far I could sling the bolts. I was putting 3 bolts in a 2 inch circle at 100 yards. I hunt river bottom ground and it’s all open ground so sometimes distance is a must for me.

      1. I bought a vector 310 crossbow about 2 and a half years ago. While sighting it in, a limb splintered. It has never been dry fired. Where can i get a new limb for get it fixed/looked at?

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