Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Arizona

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Arizona

Below you will find our guide concerning crossbow hunting regulations in the state of Arizona. We are unable to guarantee the information provided here as regulations are updated on a frequent basis. We do perform research to ensure that our information is as accurate and reliable as possible. Be sure to check all facts and regulations with your local government. You can contact us to learn how to do this.

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Crossbow Regulations in Arizona

Thanks to a reader for informing us of a severe error on this page. Corrections are below:

Crossbows are a legal method of take in Arizona during general hunting seasons for big game, small game, and snakes (we were not able to confirm regarding reptiles; please contact Arizona Fish And Game to confirm if interested). For big game hunting the minimum crossbow requirements are:

  • 125 lbs. of draw weight or more
  • 16″ arrow length ore longer
  • Broadheads with a width of 7/8″ or more

Apart from taking deer, elk, antelope, buffalo and bear, crossbows can also be used to take mountain lions, javelina, bighorn sheep, cottontail rabbits and tree squirrels, upland game birds and migratory game birds. Bison hunting is not allowed. If unsure about any speciecs, please call Arizona Fish and Game at (602) 942-3000 to confirm.

Furthermore, disabled hunters can obtain a crossbow permit (Form 2738-A) allowing them to hunt during archery-only season. Your healthcare provider will have to certify that you have at least one of the physical limitations that are included on a list on this page. For more information see R12-4-216 in this file.

A general hunting license will also be required, of course. Resident fee is $37. Non-residents cannot apply for a general hunting only license, but can apply for a combination Hunt and Fish license, which carries a fee of $160.

See Any Errors?

We do our research; however, it is always possible that we have missed a regulation update or committed some other error during the development of this content. Should you find an error in our report of crossbow hunting in Arizona, please notify us. We greatly appreciate your time and effort.


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  1. Can you own a crossbow in AZ just to own it? I’m not a hunter but I do like bows and crossbows. But I would rather not get into trouble if I’m not allowed to even own one. I respect the law very much and would like to find out.

  2. Does Arizona allow the use of a crossbow for anyone/everyone over a certain age. Illinois, I believe, is 62. Uncertain on Arizona.

  3. I am 28 and was given a 175 Lbs crossbow as a gift from a close friend. I was wondering do I need any special permits to hunt with the bow?

  4. Do I need a permit of any sort to own a crossbow or compound bow? Not for hunting but simply for target practice.

  5. Can I hunt with a crossbow in rifle season if I put in for hunts. Is it OK for a Person with a felony to use the crossbow For hunting

  6. I am Lind in my right eye and right hand dominate so hunting woth a crossbow wpuld make it so I could actually hunt, does a disabled license cover blindness like that?

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