Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Arkansas

Crossbow Hunting Regulations for Arkansas

Shown below for your convenience are hunting regulations in the state of Arkansas concerning crossbows. While we do everything we can to ensure the accuracy of the information we provide, we cannot always guarantee that we have not missed an update. Ensure the accuracy of this information by consulting with your local government. If you are uncertain of how this is done, you may contact us to learn more.

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Crossbow Regulations in Arkansas

In the state of Arkansas poison may never be used on arrow tips when crossbow hunting. It is also never legal to take down Elk using a crossbow; however, it is in lawful compliance with Arkansas regulations to use magnifying sights and/or scopes.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission encourages crossbow hunters to take down all or any feral hogs that they may find on Wildlife Management Areas. While these areas provide good opportunities for hunting, hunter must comply with all laws and regulations. The hunting weapon must be for the current specified season which is open hunting and during daylight hours.

It is at the hunter’s discretion to leave the hog lying where it was taken down or to take it for processing. The hunter must have a legal permit to hunt feral hogs during special permit times and may not utilize traps, bait, or dogs during said hunt.

  • Crossbow draw weight must be a minimum of 125 pounds
  • Arrowheads must be at least 7/8 inches wide
  • Using poison is not legal
  • Scopes and magnifying sights are legal
  • It is not legal to take down Elk with a crossbow in Arkansas
  • While archery hunting during open firearm season, hunters must always follow bag limit regulations for firearms season


We perform diligent research to ensure our information is correct; however, regulations are updated on a frequent basis. It is always possible that we missed one of these while developing our site content. If you have found an inaccuracy within any of the above content about crossbow hunting regulations in the state of Arkansas, please contact us so we my correct this. We value your effort and time.


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  1. Im new to crossbow hunting u say in arkansas hunting feral hogs draw weight must be atleast 125lb did i see sumwheres where it listed atleast 250 fps or did i misunderstand some part of the regulations for arkansas and is tx and misouri abt the same standerds as us here in ar.?

  2. Can you kill two bucks during archery season a year and how much is a nonresident archery license

  3. 125 minimum draw weight and 7/8 inch broadhead seems to be a bit much to hunt rabbits with a crossbow. That would make the use of a pistol crossbow illegal to hunt rabbits in Arkansas. Did I miss something?

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