Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Delaware

This is a guide on the crossbow hunting regulations of Delaware. While we do all that we can to ensure that this information is accurate, frequent updates occur. Hunters should always consult their local government before hunting any animal with any method. Individuals who do not know how to consult their local state government can contact us for instructions.

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Crossbow Regulations in Delaware

Crossbow hunters in Delaware are legally allowed to use scopes. Crossbows may be used by disabled hunters with legal permits during archery season. During Monday through Saturday of November and during the entirety of December and January a crossbow may be used instead of a gun. A crossbow can be utilized by hunters during handgun, muzzleloader, and shotgun season, if they are wearing at least 400 square inches of the required hunter orange material which should be displayed on the back, chest, and head.

General Delaware state wide regulations say:

    • Draw weight may not be less than 125 pounds and no more than 200.
    • Broadheads are to have an outside diameter of no less than 7/8 of an inch and at least 2 cutting edges in the same plane of the length of the cutting surface.
    • Mechanical broadheads are legal in the state of Delaware.
    • Bolts that are tipped with broadheads with cutting edge design are legal.
    • Crossbow hunters are lawfully allowed to take both turkey and deer with sharpened broadheads within the state specified size.
    • No hunter is allowed to harvest over two antlered deer during any license year between the dates of July 1rst and June 30th of the next calendar year.

Crossbow hunters may not harvest any deer without first purchasing the required combination Quality Buck Deer tag and Hunter’s Choice Deer tag. Persons who are exempt from purchasing a shunting license are allowed one Hunter’s Choice deer free of charge.

Information Errors

Though we try to ensure that we have listed all of the current regulations these sometimes slip past us. If you should find an errors within this information, please notify us of our mistake. We appreciate you taking the time to do so.


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  1. Your information needs updating. In DE, crossbows can be used by anyone in any deer season without restriction. And, Sundays are now open for all weapons.

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