Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Georgia

We have created a concise guide to the crossbow hunting regulations in the state of Georgia. The information below to our knowledge is completely accurate; however, we may have missed one of the frequent regulation updates. Elements such as animal censuses sometimes demand regulations be changed. Individuals should always contact their local state government to inquire about current hunting laws. If there is confusion about doing this, you can ask us for assistance.

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Crossbow Regulations in Georgia

It is now lawful to hunt legal game species during all hunting seasons with crossbows in the state of Georgia. During primitive weapons, firearms, and archery seasons it is legal to use them to hunt deer. Bear must be hunted with crossbows during bear season and turkey during turkey season. Crossbows may also be used to lawfully hunt small game during the small game season.

The above information means that for all hunters crossbow hunting is permitted and has been classified as a segment of the state archery deer season. It is also permitted as a part of all general and gun seasons.
Crossbow hunters must obtain and possess a primitive weapons license.

All non-residents and residents who were born on or after January 1rst, 1961 seeking to obtain a hunting license in Georgia must first successfully complete a hunter education course before obtaining it. Hunter education courses mandated by any state wildlife agency, Canada included, are acceptable.

This does not apply to those purchasing a GORP Plus, Three-Day Hunting and Fishing, or Apprentice Hunting License. In order to hunt on one’s own land or that of a blood relative the hunter education course is not mandatory.

  • It is legal to hunt feral hogs in Georgia using crossbows.
  • It is legal to equip crossbows with scopes in Georgia.
  • Bradhead arrows must be used to hunt feral hogs, bear, or deer.


We apologize, if any errors are found within the content provided above. We do our very best to ensure this does not happen. If you should find that any of the regulations above have been changed, please let us know. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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  1. Is it legal to use a laser pointer on a crossbow to hunt deer, hog, in the Great state of Georgia? I am going to change scope out and was just wondering…Thanks….Chris

  2. i will use a crossbow to hunt with, but i cant find anywhere the cost of the primitive weapons license it says you need to hunt with. has that license been discontinued ???

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