Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Idaho

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Crossbow Regulations in Idaho

Crossbow hunting is legal within general, any weapons season only with a proper tag and hunting license. Only archery permit, hunting license, and tag carrying disabled hunters are allowed to use crossbows during archery season. Crossbow harvesting of big games requires a tag to be purchased for each individual animal. These tags are generally limited per individual hunter. See this link for references and details.

Small game crossbow harvesting of small game is restricted by possession and bag limits.
Mechanical broadheads are not legal to use in the state of Idaho. It is not lawful to hunt with any bow which is capable of shooting more than one arrow at a time.

  • Bolts and/or arrows must be no less than 0.875 0f an inch wide and have a primary cutting edge that is at least 0.015 of an inch thick.
  • The bolt and/or arrow must precede nock and shaft.
  • No explosives or chemicals of any kind may be used in conjunction with bolts or arrows.
  • Bolts with barbed broadheads may not form angles under 90 degrees with the ferrule and shaft.
  • Bolt or arrow and broadhead must be a combined weight of 300 grains or more.

Unintentional Errors

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    1. That would be the Benjamin air…
      450force …2″ group at 50….easy pull (two fingers..loading.
      Pyramid air guns

  1. Just read about the Benjamin air rifle.Regulation arrows..Easy load. .great for my arthritic fingers

  2. REMEMBER. In Idaho, you cannot use an electronic lyrics illuminated sight. Often times these scopes are provided by the big box superstores in their “package deals”, so… make sure that if you do, be it Archery season with a doctor approved waiver letter, or during the general any weapon season, to physically take the battery out of your red dot or scope.
    I know it sounds unbelievable… but in Idaho, even with the letter, during archery season, you can nm not use ANY electronic devices attached to the crossbow. EVEN A GOPRO CAMERA.
    put the GOPRO on your chest rig, or headgear, just don’t get caught with it attached to your scope, reddot, or riser, or weapon. Don’t want anyone to go out, and get busted.

  3. Please read the following Idaho code. A non magnifying red dot scope can be used by a disabled hunter:

    Idaho code: Section – UNLAWFUL METHODS OF TAKE – GENERAL
    No person may take big game animals as set forth in this section. (3-20-20):

    02.Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, Bolts, Airguns, Chemicals or Explosives. (3-20-20) – Idaho code: Section – UNLAWFUL METHODS OF TAKE – GENERAL
    No person may take big game animals as set forth in this section. (3-20-20):

    02.Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, Bolts, Airguns, Chemicals or Explosives. (3-20-20) –

    f. With any electronic or tritium-powered device attached to, or incorporated into, an arrow, bolt, crossbow, or bow (except nonmagnifying scopes containing battery powered or tritium lighted reticles may be used by disabled archery permit holders). (3-20-20)..

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