Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Minnesota

Welcome to our crossbow hunting regulations guide for the state of Minnesota. A lot of research went into the creation of this somewhat short page, and while we do personally think these references and summaries are accurate, please keep in mind that hunting laws and regulations are altered on a fairly regular basis, making it somewhat hard for us to keep up at times. For that reason, please make sure to double-check everything you learn through this guide, preferably by contacting the Minnesota DNR (888-646-6367 and/or 651-296-6157). We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided in this article.

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Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Minnesota

Update (July 2014): as of now, anyone over the age of 60 is allowed to hunt with a crossbow during archery season. Please see the DNR hunting and rapping page for details.

As of today (July 31st 2013) the following crossbow regulations apply:

  • Anyone can hunt with a crossbow in Minnesote during regular firearms seasons for deer, bear and turkey. A valid firearm license must be possessed.
  • A person with a certified permanent or temporary disability plus an archery license may hunt with a crossbow during archery season (also people over the age of 60 can do so, see Update above). You will need to acquire a disability permit, which can be obtained by getting in contact with the Minnesota DNR  (call 888-646-6367 or 651-296-6157).

The following restrictions/rules should be kept in mind:

  • It is illegal to parry a crossbow hunt with hunters using firearms.
  • If transporting a crossbow in a motor vehicle, the weapon should not be armed with an arrow.
  • We are currently not aware of any draw weight or arrow shaft length restrictions in Minnesota. To find out more, please get in touch with the DNR directly.

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  1. Minnesota just passed a law this past session that allows anyone over the age of 60 to hunt with a crossbow effective with the 2014 archery season.

  2. Was wondering what the law is for a felon to use crossbow during rifle season !/ ?…
    I was under the understanding that this law passed last year pls reply ty

    1. I’m s felon and it’d kosher to use crossbow during firearms season no prob. The guy up top is right about the 60 year old rule and the permit. Happy hunting.

  3. Minnesota requires crossbow bolts to be at least 10 inches in length with a 42 ft lb energy @ 10 feet with a working safety and a minimum 30 inch shoulder fired stock.

  4. I shattered my amr wrist n fingers and have plates and srews in it for the rest of my life,can’t pull back a bow with out low pounds n pain with it. Kinda wondering what kind of permit I need?

    1. Go to the doctor that did your surgery he or she will fill out a permit if they feeel it permanet they issue u a permanet liscense

  5. I have a severe case of PSA in my hips, knees, shoulders and wrist, it is just like Rheumatoid, only 50 yoa, getting hard to pull by bow back during archery season. how do I get a permit for this and am I eligible?

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