Crossbow Hunting Regulations in New Hampshire

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Crossbow Hunting Regulations in New Hampshire

Crossbows can be legally used to harvest deer in New Hampshire during deer firearms season, and it can also be legally used by handicapped hunters if an appropriate disability license is obtained (lifetime, costs $10). Before you can obtain a crossbow hunting license ($46), you must complete a hunter education course – a full list of these courses including dates and other information can be found on this page.

You cannot use a crossbow during archery season in New Hampshire unless you have a disability license; and in that case, you will only be allowed to use a crossbow, and won’t be allowed to ever hunt with a long bow, compound or recurve bow. To be able to legally hunt deer, you will need a deer crossbow permit, which costs around $5.

For your crossbow to qualify for hunting in New Hampshire, it will need to:

  1. Have a minimum draw weight of 125 pounds
  2. Have a stock with a minimum length of 25″

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  1. Is it legal to hunt bear in nh with a crossbow? If so, what are the regulations. Thank you for any help. P.S. I am not disabled.

  2. hello i am an injured worker and how i can aplied for a Crossbow license? i have Archery and Rifle clas educations Coures done by 8/25/2010 . I am not able to walk in the woods as i have crotches to walk verry short distances. what do I need to apply for a crossbow permit?

  3. I got into a dispute with a friend of mine regarding the subject of bow hunting. He is disabled and said he can hunt with a bow during rifle season. Is he correct or is he only allowed to during bow season and not rifle season? I live in NH by the way. Thanks!

    1. As long as a regular bow season is overlapping with the modern gun season, then you can use any bow. However, if there is no overlap, crossbows are only allowed in gun season.

  4. Am I understanding correctly? Crossbow is used only during rifle season for those that qualify? It is not during archery?

  5. Is it true you can use a crossbow during regular archery season in M zone if you purchase a crossbow license?

  6. In April 2017 Governor Sununu signed a Crossbow bill into Law allowing seniors age 68 and over to use Crossbow also in Archery Deer Season.

  7. i have a crossbow because i had open heart surgery a little over a yr ago and i cant use a compound bow because it pulls on my chest and i dont have enough strength to pull it . what is the form and requirements i have to have

    thanks russell chase

    1. My crossbow was bought has a small flashlight mount on it.
      I know its not legal to hunt with any light for deer.i want to know if I can leave the light on the crossbow? I like the idea of always having it to fall back on as a spare to get out of the woods.

  8. My wife is part way threw therapy after having hand surgery to remove arthritis in her thumb. Her therapist said it will be into November before she has full mobility of her hand. Our bow season starts September 15th in NH. Can she get a temporary crossbow permit to get her threw the season. She is a very advid bow hunter.
    Thank you

  9. I have cross bow permitted cause have muscle disease. i used for bow season can i used cross bow instead of muzzleloader or gun in these season do to muscle trouble carring and firing gun? or can only used during archury season only.cause guns hard me do muscle can used crossbow as long buy muzzleoader or fire arm season?thank you for time.

  10. So was it difficult to have doc. Give reason for permit? I’m trying to get one don’t have upper body and arm strength in my old age.

  11. They now have air powered arrow rifles. (Air bow) can those be used in place of crossbow ? If not arr they working on making it happen ?

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