Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Kentucky

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Crossbow Regulations in Kentucky

Crossbow hunting is lawful for all hunters and is designated within certain weeks, specifically known as crossbow season, in the state of Kentucky. It is lawful for hunters to use crossbows during firearms season; however, they must comply with all of the zone guidelines, hunting requirements, and restrictions which are applicable to firearms season. Crossbows are also lawfully permitted for all hunters during muzzleloader only and, in certain cases, rifle seasons. Crossbows are legal to use within portions of archery season. Permit carrying disabled hunters may legally use crossbows to harvest deer during bow only deer season.

The dates of the seasons mentioned above change frequently and almost always annually. Be sure to check with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department for accurate dates before attempting to hunt with crossbows.
There is no legal draw weight for crossbows in Kentucky; however, they must feature a functional safety.

  • Mechanical broadheads are legal in Kentucky.
  • Broadheads must be at least 7/8 of an inch wide with blades extended.
  • It is not lawful for broadheads to be barbed.
  • Carbon, metal, and wood arrows/bolts are all legal.
  • It is not legal to use broadheads equipped with explosives or which have been chemically treated.
  • Kentucky harvest restrictions and bag limits are applicable to all hunters. A hunter may not take more than one deer with antlers on private lands; excludes button bucks.
  • A bonus antlered deer may be harvest from certain public hunting areas. This is determined each year by the governing agency of each individual area.


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  1. A person 65 years old or older can crossbow hunt deer in Ky from 1st week in September tru the 3rd Monday in January

  2. The hunting guide states that cross bow season runs from September 21 through January 20 does this mean that it would be legal to use my cross bow during modern gun season i am in zone 1 Muhlenberg county ky.

  3. I am a disabled hunter can I hunt from start to finish in deer season? I have my disabled hunter card and this years license and tags

  4. Can someone from out of state use a raven r20 with a 400 grain mechanical head.are they a feet per second rule as well as a kinetic energy rule.

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