Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Louisiana

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Louisiana

The admins of our website strive to provide the most current data available for the crossbow hunting regulations of Louisiana. Regulations are frequently updated and new laws are always being mandated so it is possible that we might miss one. The best policy is to verify these regulations with the local state government and wildlife management to be sure they are accurate. Anybody who is not sure how to accomplish this is free to contact us for assistance.

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Crossbow Regulations in Louisiana

Louisiana allows its Wildlife Commission to establish special deer hunting seasons. There are bow and arrow as well as crossbow seasons. Crossbows in Louisiana are classified as archery equipment and are lawful for all hunting seasons with the exception of migratory waterfowl.

They are legal within archery season on Louisiana Wildlife Management Areas. An archery permit must be carried by all resident bow hunters who are between 16 and 59. Non-residents must be at least 16 years of age.
Either gender deer can be legally harvested during archery season on WMAs excluding when bucks only season is currently in progress.

Either gender deer may be harvested in all areas which are open for deer hunting except during bucks only for gun hunting; however, all archers must comply with any bucks only regulations in place. Crossbows are legal for all types of permit carrying hunters during the archery deer season. Permits carried must include Big Game, Basic, and Bow in order to hunt with crossbows during archery season.

  • Bow and arrow fishermen are to have a legal sport fishing license. They may not legally carry broadheads featuring points unless it is within big game season.
  • Mechanical broadheads are legal in Louisiana.

Blunders and Misinformation

New laws are constantly being signed and regulation updates take place on a regular basis. While the above data is completely current to our knowledge, there may be an update we missed. If any of our data is incorrect, please inform us of our so we may rectify this.


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  1. My son has a felony dui. He has severed his time. He is not elegible to get his gun rights back yet .. he loves to hunt. His father & I would like to get him a crossbow, so he can go tho the hunting camp with the rest of his family. Before we sped a lot of money, we want to make sure this will b slowed n Louisiana !!

    1. Did you ever find out any info on a convicted felon hunting with a crossbow. I’m having some difficulty trying to determine if it’s legal or not legal. They need to make this info easier for the public to find. I don’t want to go back to prison for being misinformed that would be a messed up ordeal.

  2. Man i been hunting with a crossbow in Louisiana. Its not a firearm. The only thing is if your on probation or parole you may want to make sure your parole officer is cool with it cause it is a weapon an some on probation an parole can’t even have a knife over 4 inches. But yea just havin a felony, aint a problem. Crossbow is not a firearm.

  3. Your son made a few mistakes, and served his time for it. He could do far, FAR worse things than hitting the woods during hunting season. My advice would be to clear it with his PO if he is in fact on probation, but otherwise I would expect he would be fine, although I can’t say that 100% definitively.

    I wish your son luck with his life and his hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

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