Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Missouri

The guide below is only to be considered a reference for crossbow hunting regulations in the state of Missouri. We strive to offer the latest available information on these guidelines; however, updates and amendments are release frequently. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of this data. We strongly urge you to contact your local state government and Missouri Department of Conservation for the most up to date data. We offer guidance for those who are unsure of how to accomplish this.

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Crossbow Regulations in Missouri

2016 update: crossbows have been voted a legal hunting method for all hunters, regardless of age or disability, during fall firearms turkey season as well as the archery deer and turkey seasons.

  • It is unlawful for any individual to discharge or fire a crossbow, and/or firearm across or from any sidewalk; highway; street; road; playground; recreation area; and/or park.
  • It is not legal for any individual to purposely discharge or fire an archery device or crossbow in or at the direction of any person; dwelling; vehicle; church; and/or school.
  • It is illegal for individuals in possession of a crossbow to knowingly go upon or enter the property and/or premises of another without first obtaining permission.
  • Mechanical broadheads are legal in the state of Missouri.
  • Crossbow shooting hours are from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

Legacy missouri lows below (now obsolete):
The Missouri Wildlife Code states that only disabled hunters may lawfully use crossbows during any firearms hunting season. It is unlawful to use crossbows during muzzleloader deer and turkey seasons. Hunters must successfully complete a hunter education course and possess a certification card in order to hunt as well as purchase disabled hunting permits. Some exemptions may include developmental disabilities, age, and apprentice hunter authorization.

Individuals disabled to the degree that they are unable to use a firearm or traditional bows are allowed to hunt with crossbows during turkey and/or archery seasons. This is only applicable after they have applied for and received medical exemptions for crossbow use. Hunters must have a licensed physician’s Statement of Eligibility and have completed the Missouri Department of Conservation Hunting Method Exemption. This form may be obtained from the MDC office or by visiting the Missouri Department of Conservation’s official website.

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  1. Missouri Dept.of Conservation just announced that crossbows will be legal for archery season 2016 for deer and turkey. They have deleted the disability requirement.

  2. your app suck cause it doesn’t tell you anything about what you are asking to know so you can hunt legal

  3. is using your crossbow for target practice legal w/in the “common ground” of a residential neighborhood in st. charles county MO?

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