Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Nebraska

We research and scour the internet to compile the data that we post on our website. While it is our goal to provide that which is most current, missing a regulation update it always possible. You should first check with your local government body and/or the Nebraska Game Park Division to ensure that the dates and regulations listed below for crossbow hunting in your state are current.

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Crossbow Regulations in Nebraska

Shoulder fired crossbow with a draw weight of no less than 125 pounds are lawful archery equipment for harvesting big game including antelope; deer; elk; bighorn sheep; and turkey. Arrows must have a sharpened broadhead with a blade which is no less than 7/16 of an inch and cutting radius from the center of the shaft.
It is never legal to use arrows which have been chemically dipped or equipped with explosives in the state of Nebraska.

It is unlawful to utilize any electronic device which amplifies natural light. It is also not legal to use an electric device which projects an image to a target or projects a beam of light. This includes laser sights, infrared scopes, and/or night vision. Variable power and magnifying scopes are permitted.

  • It is not legal to use any artificial light or spotlight projected from a vehicle while having a crossbow on your person.
  • Bow hunter education is mandatory for hunters aged 12 to 29 while using a crossbow to hunt big game. Proof of this certification must be in their possession while hunting.
  • Crossbow deer hunters must display 400 square inches hunter orange on the back, head, and chest when archery hunting within the November firearm deer season and within the January 1rst through 15th antlerless deer season. Check with Nebraska Game Parks to verify these dates before hunting.

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The best course of avenue is to consult the Nebraska Game Park Division before you attempt to crossbow hunt. We would greatly appreciate it, if you would notify us about any errors you may find in the above data.


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  1. any regulations on if a felon /non violent nor firearm. can obtain a permit to hunt with a crossbow? compound box?

  2. Not really understanding laws for crossbow hunting I live in n.j. planning a trip in Sept or Oct this year. Is it legal to use a crossbow during the regular archery season?

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