Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Nevada

It is our objective to supply readers with the most up to date information regarding the crossbow hunting regulations in Nevada. This is only a guide and should be viewed as such. Contacting your local government or the Nevada Department of Wildlife prior to hunting is the best action.

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Crossbow Regulations in Nevada

No person born after January 1rst, 1960 can obtain a hunting license in Nevada without presenting a document certifying the successful completion of the responsibilities of hunters’ instruction which is offered by the NRS 502.340. An approved certification from another state, Canadian province, or foreign country is also sufficient. The applicant may also use a hunting license which was obtained the year before.

  • Crossbow hunting is lawful for harvesting big game within ‘any legal weapon’ season in Nevada. Crossbows are unlawful during archery only or muzzleloader only season.
  • Crossbows must have at least a 125 pound draw weight.
  • Crossbows must have at least a 14 inch draw length from the front of the weapon to nocking point.
  • It must also feature an 18 inch stock and a functional, positive mechanical safety.
  • Bolts or arrows must be 16 inches long and have an attached broadhead.
  • Fixed bradheads must be no less than 7/8 of an inch wide at its widest point while it is in the open position.
  • It is legal to use sights which are powered or illuminated by batteries in the sight, tritium, light gathering fiber optics, and fluorescent or iridescent paint.
  • It is illegal to use sights capable of projecting or casting a beam of light from the sight onto the game animal.
  • It is illegal to use arrows which have been chemically treated or equipped with electronic devices and explosives.
  • It is not legal to have a loaded and cocked crossbow in a vehicle, moving or still, in the state of Nevada.
  • The above provision is not to apply to any person who is has had one or both legs amputated, has paralysis of one or both legs to a degree which seriously impedes walking, or is paraplegic, if the vehicle is not moving.

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  1. Is it legal for me to possess a crossbow in the state of Nevada if I have previously been convicted of a felony in another state (California), and is a criminal background check required when purchasing a crossbow in the state of Nevada?

  2. When is it legal to hunt with a crossbow in Las Vegas? Can I hunt with a crossbow during rifle season?

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