Crossbow Hunting Regulations in New Jersey

We have worked hard to ensure the information which we compile for our website readers is current. Amendments occur on both a periodic and random basis. It is always better to consult with New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for the accuracy of crossbow hunting regulations before hunting.

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Crossbow Regulations in New Jersey

The New Jersey Fish and Game Council eliminated the prohibition on all draw holding and draw locking devices and included crossbows within its definition in 2012. This allowed crossbows to become legal for use in any in any bow and arrow season as well as other types of hunting seasons for all species which allows the use of a bow and arrow.

Those who have not purchased a New Jersey bow and arrow hunting license since the implementation of the electronic licensing system or have not ever purchased one must present a hunter’s education archery completion certificate in order to receive a bow and arrow hunting permit. A nonresident NJ bow and arrow license or a resident bow and arrow license, from any state, is also sufficient.

  • Crossbows must have a draw weight of no less than 75 pounds.
  • Crossbows must have a stock which is no less than 25 inches.
  • Crossbows are not lawful to use for bow fishing. Check the Freshwater Fish Code for specifics in this area.

Broadheads must be made of well sharpened metal and no less than ¾ of an inch wide in order to harvest turkey; deer; coyote; or woodchuck.Arrows which are fitted with heads other than those specified above can be carried in the fields and/or woods legally during seasons which overlap the bow and arrow deer season or during the small game season. This does not apply to taking game birds in flight. Only target points, blunts, and judo points are legal for game birds in flight. Turkeys and Canadian geese who are not in flight may be harvested with standard fletched arrows and edged heads.

Concerning Oversights

We feel it is our duty to present accurate information for our readers; however, we make mistakes too. If we have missed an update or amendment, please bring our attention to it so that we may rectify it. We always appreciate readers taking the time to communicate with us.


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  1. Do you need a license or permit to buy or own a crossbow in nj jersey just for target practice. Not hunting..

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