Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Oregon

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Crossbow Regulations in Oregon

As of August 2015, crossbow hunting in Oregon is illegal during all hunting seasons. A recent bill to allow crossbow use during archery season by disabled hunters was rejected, so it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing any major changes anytime soon. Oregon is one of the very few states to hold such a firm stance on the issue. If you’re looking to hunt with a crossbow, we recommend doing so in one of the many states where it’s legal to do so.

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  1. Why is OREGON so out of touch with veterans who are disabled ? I have shoulder injuries that keeps me from being able to pull and hold a compound bow.
    So why shouldn’t we who fought for this country be allowed to hunt with a cross bow ?
    They are the same as a compound bow just with an added stock. Please if we cant hunt with a crossbow then give the veterans who are disabled a right to shoot doe or bucks ? Please I can’t eat , beef or pork.

  2. I never post on these things because I never feel that my opinion will matter but, I am in agreement with the gentleman above. I am a disabled vet as well and am incapable of drawing even the lightest of bows. Come on Oregon, I am a native resident and have hunted in every state I have been stationed in and visited. Every state is on the same page. Even with my CCL, I can’t carry out of state because Oregon is not in agreement with any other state. Maybe if we threw all the liberals out of this state things would change. Oregon maybe it’s time to take care of the ones who have taken care of you.

  3. Totally agree with the above. Also, there are many people with very sensitive ears, and cannot stand the exposive shock wave created when firing a rifle. Having to carry sound protection while hunting can be a nuisance (you certainly cannot wear the sound protection until you are ready to fire, and putting it on before shooting can make the difference of success over failure).

    CAn anyone explain the reasons to me? I do not understand why it would be illegal.

    1. when i was in my hunter safety class the veteran hunters told me the reason why is because people thought that cross bow’s was to easy to hunt with. aka too much advanced technology. yes tech that has been around before even their grandparents were alive LOL. yes it’s been around for more than 200 years yet it’s too new. i got my hunting license more than a year ago . got my little .22 to go rabbit hunting with. and have some older compound bows. probably gonna start bow hunting just because I don’t have a real rifle yet. anyway good luck to you in your hunting. i hear there is good deer hunting towards the coast.

  4. You say you cant hunt with a bow but there is a rifle season. You dont want to hunt during rifle season though because your chances of a take are down. They need to authorize it as a usable method during rifle season and allow it to be a used weapon in areas that are bow, muzzle loader or shotgun viable instead of just rifle areas only. Hunting shouldnt be easy regardless, you owe it to your self and the animal to have a sporting chance.

  5. It would seem to me that for a state that wants and needs more revenue, that they would allow crossbows. If they did they would be able to gain funds from the older/disabled hunters who don’t want to travel to other states. The use of the crossbow or even the Benjamin Airbow would be a plus for Oregon.

  6. Nothing is easy for disabled people.
    Crossbow may help the disabled but nothing is easy when your disabled. Are they looking to make it impossible for the disabled?

  7. i just became disabled with back problems, can no longer pull my compound bow, been bow hunting for 50 years. Its hard to believe oregon is still in the dark. They allow muzzle loaders which are approaching modern rife capabilities. Washington allows crossbows for disabled hunters. Who in the hell is running the place, they need to be replaced.

  8. I just don’t understand why Oregon has not passed crossbows for disabled hunters who would like to go hunting. The money the state is not making on the sale of crossbows and hunting licence just doesn’t make any sense. Oh well maybe someday it will be allowed.

  9. I’m not a vet, and not physically disabled. Having said that, I like crossbows better than the other three bows. They’re easier to carry for me to carry (I’m only 5’2″). They’re easier for me to handle overall. I would love to hunt with one! As much as I love my state, I think Oregon is being stubbornly out of touch in this regard.

  10. You can’t apply logic to Oregon’s crossbow law. The fact that you can hunt bear, cougar, and deer with a .22 but not a crossbow is nothing less than ludicrous. Even better you can hunt Elk with a 50 lb. bow, but not a 150 lb. crossbow? I would love to hear their twisted justification for not legalizing hunting with crossbows. It’s amazing the extent a state can micro-manage one’s freedoms. I wonder if someday they will find a way to legislate what kind of knife we can use to cut a steak?

  11. My grandpa is arguing that non-game animals that don’t have a hunting season fall outside of the game commission’s control ie sagerats packrats jackrabbits and thus can be shot with a crossbow is he correct?

  12. Hello im 43 disabled hunter 2 back fusions.fused from l5-l3..I love archery hunting but cant hold a bow..I lived in wash state were crosssbow use for disabled is allowed.Oregon why do u not wanna help disabled hunters..Using a crossbow doesnt give u an advantage…You still have to hunt…Only advantage 4 me is i dont have to hold a bow at full draw.. Oregon does allow a draw loc that hold a standard bow at full draw..go figure right..

  13. Lets look at the facts. Oregon allows Bow hunters to use “Draw Locks” but not the use of a a crossbow.(horizontal Bow with a draw lock) Another argument is that a crossbow has a “trigger” like a firearm, however, many bow hunters use some type of release that has, dare I say it, a trigger. Bow hunters argue that by using a crossbow one does not have to actually hunt (Just sit, wait & pull the trigger). It that not exactly what any hunter does. It does not matter if you you are using a Handgun, Rifle, Bow or Crossbow, they all require you to actually hunt in one matter or another. If you don’t want to do the hunting part, well there Beef, Turkey or Chicken.

    For those of us who are disabled, hunting is a luxury that most of us can not longer do. My neck is fused and most of my back, I am in a wheelchair but I still enjoy hunting and fishing. However, I do require help since drawing a bow is no longer an option. Hell, my son draws my crossbow for me, but that should not stop me from being able to hunt just like every other hunter. I am not sure why there is so much opposition to using a crossbow. Hell, If things keep going the way they are, hunting is going to be a thing of the past. Something you tell your grandkids about since they will not know what hunting actually is (Outside of a video game).

  14. Yes I agree that a military vet disabled should be given the right to hunt with a crossbow.
    I don’t know who made the rules up bet they need to get in to reality

  15. draw locks are not legal in oregon…… unlawful to hunt game mammals with any device secured to or supported by the bow that maintains the bow at full draw……. the archery hunters scream every time it is brought up at the meetings about handicap and crossbows.years ago you could use them during rifle season. anouther reason they got so accurate that they were being used a lot for poaching so they banned them. 69 year native oregonian hunting since i was 10.

  16. I personally think that the Oregon far left liberal ODFW is just a bunch of bullies that want to be bigshots and really don’t like bow hunters period. Very biased organization.

  17. Are usually don’t have much to say on these sites but if you want things to get better get rid of the Democrats!!!

  18. Continue to allow politicians to run ODFW and this crap will continue to happen. After 21 years of bow hunting, i have to give it up, tore my labrum in my right shoulder again, surgeon said im done. Would love to use a cross bow but not gonna happen.

  19. I have hunted with a compound bow successfully for decades. With age, my shoulders are giving out. Why not allow crossbows for those with proven shoulder disabilities? Doctor’s orders stuff…

  20. I was talking to my brother who hunts deer in Wisconsin with a crossbow. He said when compounds were introduced the harvest rate increased from 5% to 25%. When crossbows were introduced it jumped from 25% to 32%. I would assume the same ratio would occur in Oregon

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