Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Wyoming

Welcome to our Wyoming crossbow hunting regulations page. We cannot guarantee that our content is completely void of mistakes or errors. All state hunting regulations change and are updated on a regular basis. We strongly advise you to contact the local state government or the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to confirm the validity of our page content. If you are not sure of how to contact these departments in your area, send us an email so we may provide you with instructions.

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Crossbow Regulations in Wyoming

  • Leverage gaining devices are prohibited in the state of Wyoming; however, certain disabled hunters may obtain a permit to use leverage gaining devices from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
  • No hunter is allowed to harvest trophy or big game with a crossbow during any special archery season without first purchasing an archery hunting permit as well as the proper hunting license.
  • Hunters are not required to obtain special archery permits for harvesting small game or game birds with crossbows. They do need to have the required hunting license for that specific species.
  • All hunters seeking to harvest trophy game are required to display fluorescent hunter orange in the form of a shirt; hat; jacket; sweater; or vest so that it is visible to other hunters. The same is required when harvesting pheasant upon Wyoming Department Wildlife Management Areas. This is not required for harvesting game birds or small game; however, it is strongly advised.
  • Remember that a pheasant management stamp must be obtained to harvest pheasant upon WDWMAs.
  • Crossbows must have a draw weight of no less than 90 pounds.
  • They must have a draw length of no less than 14 inches from the front of the crossbow to the rear of the string while in the cocked position.
  • Crossbows must feature a functioning, positive mechanical safety.
  • Bolts must be no less than 16 inches.
  • The cutting edges must be no less than 1 inch in width.
  • Cutting edges must be sharpened steel.

Changes to Regulations

If our information is incorrect or no longer valid we greatly apologize for our error. Please drop us a line or two telling us which updates we have missed. Upon receipt, we will confirm the information, and then make the proper updates to our page. Thank you so much for your valuable time and effort.


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  1. I believe the regulation not allowing leverage gaining devices for hunting has been dropped in Wyoming. I am from Oregon and will be hunting Wyoming this year in archery season. I am still recovering from a shoulder injury and looked into this. Please verify on your own. Love your website. VERY helpful!!!

  2. I just bought a Ten Point crossbow and it has the accudraw cranking devise. My crossbow has a 180 pound draw weight. So I sssume that I cannot hunt with my crossbow in Wyoming.

  3. Current Wyoming regulations on Crossbows is as follows:
    Section 6. Archery equipment that is legal for the taking of big or trophy game animals.
    (c) For the taking of any big or trophy game animal with a crossbow, a hunter shall use a crossbow having a peak draw weight of at least ninety (90) pounds and a bolt of at least sixteen (16) inches in length equipped with a fixed or expanding point broadhead that when fully expanded cannot pass through a seveneighths (7/8) inch solid ring.

    Also says this with regard to cocking aids:
    …the old regulation requiring crossbows to be cocked by hand without aid of a leverage gaining device is no longer applicable.


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