FirstString String Saver Rail Lube Review

On a recent trip to the range to test a number of products, we had the chance to try out the String Saver Rail Lube by FirstString. We tested the String Saver lubricant against our stock rail lube that was supplied with our test crossbow.

Ease of Use

The String Saver Rail Lube came packaged in a tube with a convenient applicator tip. It was easy to open and also very easy to apply. We found the size of the applicator to be just right to only have to make a single pass on each side of the rail. The product flowed freely onto the rail and looked quite thin as we applied it, but it did not run and stayed right where we put it. As with a lot of applicators, you cannot reach under the scope rail with it, so plan on using your finger to get that area properly lubricated. The product did not leave our fingers overly greasy and wiped right off with a paper towel after application under the scope rail.

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So now to the big question…how well did it work? The test arrows we used that day were 20” carbon arrows with field points that weighed in right at 425 grains. To create a basis for our shots, we shot several arrows using our factory lubricant and got speeds that all averaged in the 322 to 323 fps range. After cleaning the rail and then applying the String Saver Rail Lube, we found that the arrow speed remained within that range. We also noted that accuracy was not affected. We have to give kudos to the great sheen created by the String Saver lube…it looked like a glass surface!
So the question we get asked most often when testing lubes is why the arrows don’t go faster. The answer is simply that you can only get a rail as slick as it is going to get…once you hit that threshold the friction is so low, you simply won’t see that much difference in arrow speed between quality lubricants.

Rail lubes are designed to protect your string and rail from the intense friction created by the string moving at such a high speed across the rail. Most crossbows actually create a slight downforce on the rail by the string to ensure consistent arrow flight, so shooting without a lubricant is something you should never do. The fact that the FirstString String Saver lubricant did not slow the arrow nor adversely affect accuracy means that it is a quality product that can hang with the best and should be considered as positive attributes.


Overall Thoughts

After using the FirstString String Saver Rail Lube we found that arrow speed remained consistent to our factory lubricant and that there was no effect on accuracy. We found it easy to apply and that it didn’t run or make a mess. All in all, this would be a product we would have no issue with adding to our range bag or hunting kit.


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