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Welcome to our take on the best SA Sports crossbows available. SA Sports makes a wide variety of crossbows, from simple recurves to compound crossbows. There are a handful of crossbows by SA Sports that we consider among the best in the field, including the Beowulf, the Empire Ripper, and the Empire Terminator. The table below compares these models for your convenience.

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Best SA Sports Crossbows:

SAS Beowulf

SAS Beowulf

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SA Sports Ripper

SA Sports Ripper

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SA Sports Empire Terminator

SA Sports Empire Terminator

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Draw Weight175 lbs.185 lbs.175 lbs.
Velocity360 FPS340 FPS260 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"26-29"
Crossbow Weight6.5 lbs.7.75 lbs.4.5 lbs.
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Ballistic Data For Our Top SA Sports Crossbows:

Characteristics of SA Sports Crossbows

SA Sports is new to the crossbow game, but they are already making a name for themselves by building high-quality crossbows at rock-bottom prices. You’ll find a complete variety of x-bows by SA Sports, from a simple recurve crossbow for beginning hunters looking to take down a deer to complex compound crossbows strong enough to take on even the toughest, biggest game North America has to offer. Speeds of the SA Sports crossbow lineup range from 240 fps to 375 fps, depending on the model you purchase.

Our biggest beef with SA Sports crossbows is the warranty: you only get a year’s worth of warranty coverage, which sometimes won’t be long enough to really determine if there is a manufacturer’s defect in your crossbow. These crossbows tend to be lighter than average, with most models coming in at under 6.5 pounds.

SA Sports Crossbow Accessories

SA Sports also manufactures a number of accessories to go along with your crossbow, from bolts to cocking devices to video cameras. Since many SA Sports crossbows have a Picatinny rail under the forearm, you can often mount the SA Sports video cameras to your crossbow for some stunning video and still shots.

SA Sports Bolts:
SA Sports only sells one variety of bolts, and those are simple, but decent quality arrows available in 16″ and 20″. These arrows are straight and have excellent flight characteristics, and are capable of taking a beating without splintering or cracking. These bolts work well for both target shooting and hunting, and you’ll usually want to buy extras to go with your SA Sports crossbow, because most models only include 3 arrows.

SA Sports Cocking Devices:
SA Sports makes their own rope cocking device as well as a crank cocking device. The crank cocking device is designed to fit only the Ambush, though, attaching via the dovetail on the rear stock. Utilizing the clamp-on bracket, though, the crank is adaptable to fit the Vendetta, Crusader, and Ripper.

The rope cocking device, on the other hand, is universal and will work with any of SA Sports’ crossbows, or any other crossbow.

SA Sports Scopes and Cameras:
SA Sports produces a full lineup of scopes, rangefinders, and even rugged outdoor cameras for your crossbow or tree stand. The Raptor 6x20mm Rangefinder is pocket-sized, and is perfect for determining the yardage of your shot when your eyes might deceive you. Their scopes are decent, especially the 4x32mm Multi Reticle Scope. One of our favorite accessories, though, is the All Terrain Video, which is perfect for shooting 1090p video and 5.0/8.0MP still shots. This accessories mounts to any flat surface, and includes a tube mount to mount it on a crossbow right above your scope.

Other Accessories:
SA Sports also makes other accessories, including strings and cable slides for their crossbows. They also make quivers, including a quiver with every SA Sports crossbow. Unfortunately, they have not yet gotten into the business of manufacturing cases or slings for their crossbows, so you’ll have to go third-party if you want these accessories.

Buying a Used SA Sports Crossbow

We always recommend against buying a used crossbow, simply because you won’t really know what condition the crossbow is in unless you are intimately familiar with crossbow design and manufacturer. The fact that SA Sports only warranties its crossbows for one year is another deciding factor in recommending against buying these crossbows used. If you insist on buying a used SA Sports crossbow, though, we recommend using eBay or Craigslist to find an SA Sports crossbow in good condition.

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