Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Florida

We have listed the Florida state wide regulations below. We perform thorough research to ensure that the information which we provide to our readers is completely accurate; however, updates to these mandates are created frequently. It is always possible that an update has occurred without our knowledge. Ensure that you check with your local state government concerning specifics of regulations for crossbow hunting in Florida. You may contact us if you are unsure how to do this.

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Crossbow Regulations in Florida

The FWC, or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, passed a regulation in 2011 which extended the zonal crossbow season by one month. It therefore now runs concurrent to archery season. This allowed all hunters with legal crossbow and deer permits an extra month of crossbow hunting. Hunters may take down deer of either gender. For the most recent and most complete regulations, please check MYFWC’s legal method’s of taking game page.

    • Crossbows are lawful to use during all and any deer seasons.
    • Broadheads are to be a minimum of 7/8 of an inch and consist of at least 2 sharpened edges.
    • Crossbows must also have been produced after 1980 and be equipped with a mechanical safety.
    • It is legal in Florida to equip a crossbow with a scope.
    • It is not legal to transport a crossbow in a vehicle with it in the cocked position.
    • Deer can be hunted with them as long as hunter orange is displayed when the law allows hunters to use a gun for deer hunting.
    • Feral hogs may be harvested during most hunting seasons on Florida Wildlife Management Areas. Be sure to check with them prior to hunting wild hogs. With land owner permission, wild hogs may be hunted on private property year round using a crossbow.

Possible Errors

One of our top priorities is to provide our readers with the most accurate information possible. We do sometimes miss regulation updates as these occur rather frequently. If the Florida crossbow hunting information provided above contains any errors, feel free to let us know. We appreciate you doing this and we will correct it as soon as possible.


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    1. You can only hunt with a crossbow in Escambia River WMA if you have a “disabled crossbow permit.” So the answer is no, you cannot. Sorry bud.

      1. hi there, where I can used my crossbow in WMA and Private Land? or only in private Land? and also in all seasons or only in archery season ?

      2. This is for public land
        Only for Archery season, A crossbow is legal in other seasons without the disable permit.
        Example, in general gun one can use a crossbow, but must wear orange hunting deer

        “What this certification allows (disable crossbow permit):
        The permit holder to use a crossbow during an archery season on public land.”
        The above is all the permit addresses, using a crossbow in archery season on public land, other than that a crossbow is just another legal hunting weapon.

        10. For hunting non-migratory game, only shotguns, rifles, pistols, air guns, bows, crossbows or falconry may be used.
        11. For hunting migratory game, only shotguns, bows, crossbows or falconry may be used. Shotguns shall not be larger than 10 gauge and shall be incapable of holding more than 3 shells in the magazine and chamber combined.

  1. Will a Jaguar 175 lb Recurve Camo Crossbow CR-013A5-175 take a Florida hog down or deers?
    Are they any good for the price dont have lots of money to spend?

    1. Google to get application (Florida disabled crossbow permit) but your doctor has to declare that you’re are unable to pull and hold back a minimum 40 lb draw weight. You have to take the application to your doctor to fill out before you can send .

  2. Other states allow hunters to use crossbows during archery season it about time florida got up to date. Not everyone can pull a compound for one reason or another

  3. My husband’s family lives in Florida and he wants to get a crossbow to take on his next visit. It is good to know that he will need one manufactured after 1980. I want to make sure he doesn’t get in any legal trouble with it.

    1. You need a hunters safety course to hunt any wild life management area in Florida unless with someone who has taken the course.

  4. I have a perminate shunt that drains excessive fluid off my brain. Would I be able to get a crossbow permit

  5. In the Kissimmee WMA it says you can hunt hog year-round with the use of rifle or archery equipment. Is a crossbow archery equipment. Because in other sections of the regulation it says you cannot use a crossbow without a disabled permit.

  6. I own a little over 2 acres in Collier County. Can I hunt deer with a Crossbow on my private land? This is also my permanent residence and have homes next door all zoned over 2 acres.

  7. So if I have a piece of private land ( 5 acre) I am not allowed to take my kids outdoors shooting? Only during certain seasons?

    Does anyone know what those regulations are?

    1. You can practice shooting all you want. You cannot harvest deer out of season without a permit. By all means, GET THOSE KIDS OUTSIDE!!!

    2. You can shoot your crossbow year round. You cannot harvest deer outside of the season. By all means, GET THOSE KIDS OUTSIDE!!!

  8. What is the actual test somebody whose disabled does to qualify for a crossbow permit during archery season.
    Specifically the mechanism of the test is there a standardization for this test.

  9. I would like to utilize a cross bow to hunt wild rabbit. Does anyone know where precisely I am legally allowed to do so? What type of permit would I require if any? What is the hunting season for rabbit?

  10. Can you spring turkey hunt with a crossbow in the Apalachicola River area and the clock in the river area if you are not disabled during spring turkey season thank you

  11. It doesn’t say but I’m wondering am I legally allowed to carry a crossbow on my back in public like the mall or town central that reside in smaller towns without drinking stopped by the police and without a license say a 50 pound draw crossbow that’s on the smaller side

  12. What is minimum draw weight for crossbow in Florida? Deer & Hogs. Oklahoma & some other states is
    100 pounds minimum.. I intent to build a crossbow but want less than 150#..Nobody makes a 100# recurve limb but 80 pounds is common. Thanks..

  13. I’m older than 65. I have been hunting with a crossbow for years. Originally, I was told by FWC that I can hunt with a crossbow all year until the end of gun season but can only take does during archery season and “doe” season. A friend said he thinks that has changed.
    This morning I called Tallahassee and they said that I can hunt all seasons with a crossbow. I asked which regulation that was and they said unfortunately I can only hunt during crossbow season.

  14. I’m taking my 6 year old son deer hunting and I am wondering if he can shoot a crossbow during the archery season ?

  15. Why does the FWC not allow crossbows during archery season on WMA’s, other than paying $2o,000+ for a tier II permit? Other than privately owned land, where can I legally hunt with one?

  16. From FWC website: Zone A Crossbow season is Aug 1- Sep 4. Where does this apply? Are WMA’s included? Why are crossbows prohibited during all archery seasons on WMA’s as a “special restriction regarding archery”? Your information is quite vague and misleading!

  17. Is all WMA restricted to only hunting with a crossbow with a disabled permit? I’ve been hearing different things like you dont need one during general gun season.

  18. My crossbow permit expired JUL 14. 2020. Do I need another physician certification from my Doctor to renew it. If not, how do I renew??

  19. Im 57 years old and I’m not allowed to hunt in the state parks because I only shoot a Crossbow during archery season. I have no private land to hunt. So I guess I can’t hunt anymore. Thanks fwc for nothing

  20. I’m a 57 year old block mason. I own no hunting land. I rely on hunting state parks such as Ocala. But now I’m not allowed to hunt opening season even though it’s archery season. Because I haven’t spent a lot of money to prove I’m disabled in my shoulders both of them. This is what I do to stay active. But now I can’t do it no more. Thank you fwc for taking that away from me and many other older guys

  21. I’m 57 year old mason. Both shoulders blown out. I own no private land. I use a crossbow for hunting deer in wma. Now I’m not able to hunt management areas like Ocala forest because of the rule change. Why does the fwc not think of what the older hunters think and need. Please change that rule

  22. I know you are not allowed to shoot deer with a rifle on the side if the road, but can you shoot deer with crossbows on the side of the road?

  23. In Pinellas County, can I shoot a deer with a cross bow on my own property? And does a senior citizen age 69 need to buy a license?

  24. Hi y’all,
    So the FWC website says there is a crossbow season that runs 5 days longer then Archery season. So after the dates set for Archery are over its ok to hunt public land with a crossbow after?

    Sorry new to Florida and not trying to get a ticket.

  25. With all the new Technology out there can you use a rangefinding scope.
    ( Garmin xero x1i ) on a crossbow

  26. Learned today via Tallahassee fwc regulations dept that you cannot use a crossbow at any WMA lands in Florida anytime during the year for any season of hunting. Why??? They couldn’t say they thought it didn’t make any sense at all but it was checked by upper management from the person I spoke to. So no if you own a crossbow and are planning on hunting a WMA in Florida unless you’re disabled you can’t.

  27. Hello I’m not disabled and want to hunt with a crossbow. What permits do I need and when and where can I hunt legally? Thanks for the help

  28. Awesome blog. You are a great writer. I have benefited a lot from reading your blog. I was looking for a full guideline on air rifles and here I got. Other states allow hunters to use crossbows during archery season it is about time Florida got up to date. Not everyone can pull a compound for one reason or another

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