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Welcome to the best Carbon Express crossbow reviews. Carbon Express makes 3 x-bows that we consider among the best on the market: the Interceptor Supercoil, the CX2, and the Covert CX3. Carbon Express is relatively new to the crossbow manufacturing business, but they have proven to be quite the contender with these three models. Below, you will find a comparison chart of these CX x-bows for your convenience.

Best Carbon Express Crossbows All Carbon Express Reviews

Best Carbon Express Crossbows:

Carbon Express Supercoil

Carbon Express Supercoil

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Carbon Express Covert CX3 SL

Carbon Express Covert CX3 SL

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Carbon Express CX-2

Carbon Express CX-2

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Draw Weight175 lbs.185 lbs.200 lbs.
Velocity360 FPS355 FPS385 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"20"
Crossbow Length31.25"34.25"31"
Weight7.8 lbs.8.1 lbs.7.75 lbs.
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Ballistic Data For Our Top Carbon Express Crossbows:

Characteristics of Carbon Express Crossbows

Carbon Express is known for building fantastic arrows and crossbow bolts, but their crossbows are also well-made, for the most part. The newer models, like the CX3 and Supercoil, have the accuracy of a good .22LR rifle, and they are made with customizable parts so that you can adjust your crossbow to your shooting preferences. All of Carbon Express’s x-bows are compound, meaning they have a complicated design and require regular maintenance to ensure they stay safe and accurate. You’ll find a CX crossbow available with FPS ranging from 330 fps to 385 fps, making these crossbows excellent for hunting all types of legal game in North America.

Your Carbon Express crossbow will be covered by a 5-year limited warranty, which is plenty of time to determine if the crossbow suffers from any manufacturing defects. These crossbows are heavier than average, usually weighing more than 7.5 pounds, so you should take that into consideration when you are doing your pre-purchase research.

Carbon Express Crossbow Accessories

CX is known mainly for their accessories, and they have a wide variety of them available. This means you can trick your CX crossbow out with the latest gadgets and technology, and know that you are using accessories made by a leader in the industry. Some of the most common accessories sold by Carbon Express are listed below.

Carbon Express Bolts:
Carbon Express makes some of the finest crossbow bolts in the game, and you’ll often find other crossbow manufacturers including arrows made by CX with their own crossbows. These arrows are available in 20” or 22” lengths, and are carbon arrows with fantastic flight characteristics. The Maxima series and the Mayhem series are probably among the best on the market, and are inexpensive replacements for the included arrows with your crossbow. The CX3 series of crossbows ships with Mayhem arrows, while the Intercept Supercoil comes with the Maxima series. When you buy CX arrows, you can be sure of getting an arrow that won’t break or splinter, even if it’s shot into a tough-skinned target from 10 yards out.

Carbon Express Cases and Slings:
CX has two main models of cases available, the CX Slim Line and the CX Padded case. Both cases are designed to fit any of Carbon Express’s crossbows, along with compound crossbows from almost every other manufacturer. Both cases include quiver and arrow pockets, and the CX Slim Line case also has 9 additional internal and external pockets.

If you want to add a sling to your x-bow, CX manufacturers a universal tactical sling and a padding sling. Both slings are easily added onto your Carbon Express crossbow, or any other one with the appropriate swivels for a sling.

Carbon Express Cocking Devices:
Carbon Express ships a rope cocking device as well as a cocking winch. These accessories are great additions to your crossbow, because they make the cocking experience easier and safer, as well as more consistent and even on the draw. The cocking winch is designed to be used with Carbon Express’s X-Force 350, Covert CX-1, CX-2 and CX-3 crossbows.

Carbon Express Scopes and Sights:
Carbon Express manufactures everything from a simple multi-reticle red dot sight to red dot scopes and optical scopes. Some of their scopes tend to be difficult to sight in or keep sighted in, but the 4×32 Crossbow Pro 5-step lighted scope is one of the best in the market.

Other Carbon Express Accessories:
Like any good crossbow manufacturer, Carbon Express makes too many accessories to list here. You can find lighted nocks, field points, broadheads, as well as crossbow inserts and fletching nocks from Carbon Express. They also have a shooting stick, which provides stability when you are taking that long distance shot and want to have some extra support to keep your shot steady.

Buying a Used Carbon Express Crossbow

Purchasing a used crossbow is usually a dangerous prospect. Unless you are a bow technician or a highly experienced shooter, you will not usually be able to accurately judge the condition of a used crossbow. The good news, though, is that Carbon Express x-bows are covered by a five year warranty, so if you buy a used one less than 5 years old, you can often get it fixed for free or fairly cheap, as long as the bow wasn’t dry fired. If you absolutely must purchased used, we recommend eBay or Craigslist for finding a good quality model.


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  1. I have a carbon express covert sls I’ve had it now three years an I have taken down a eleven pointer an a nine as for doe’s well just say we love deer at my house an we eat it from Seaon to Seaon . 42yards is the best that I’ve done . Just wanted you to know about my covert sls I’ve come to love it . Your web site is one of the best that I’ve found . I will be telling everyone I know about it . Thinks for all the enfo , it will help a lot of people about crossbow ,even the ones that have had crossbow for a while . P. s. thinks again j.D.

  2. I a bought Convert 3 xL plus crossbow and I got a refund. The main problem is that the screws quickly unscrewed with use and vibrations. The marketer even put glue on the screws but it did not solve the problem. This crossbow has too much equipment that holds with screws instead of being molded in one piece. It is not recommended for heavy users.

  3. I have had my carbon express Crossbow for less than a year and it’s pieces that silence the strings have came off and my gave it to me as a gift. Where can I have it worked and is it covered under the factory warranty?

  4. The metal part that holds the bolt in place has lost its cover material and now its metal that holds the bolt in place. The bolts slides out a little because this rubbery cover is gone. My bow is one year old. That cover came off after about six months. I getting ready for a sept elk season and wonder if I can get a replacement and how hard is it to be replaced. Model # 20296 and serial # 20296-000873. Weight 175#

  5. I have an older X-Force Carbon Express 350. It had a cost of about $750.00. I’ve noticed that the newer models are far less expensive – I’ve seen them as low as the $285 – 300 range. Why have they gotten so cheap over the past few years. I bought mine around 2012.

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