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Welcome to our Best Horton crossbow reviews and Horton crossbow parts & accessories guide. Here you’ll find a side by side comparison, as well as reviews of some of Horton’s best x-bows, such as the Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite, the Zombie RIP, and the Horton Havoc. We also cover and rate some of the more popular Horton x-bow parts and accessories many shooters like to buy.

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Best Horton Crossbows:

Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite

Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite
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Horton Brotherhood

Horton Brotherhood
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Horton Zombie RIP

Horton Zombie RIP
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Horton Havoc

Horton Havoc
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Our ReviewOur ReviewOur ReviewOur Review
Draw Weight175 lbs.160 lbs.160 lbs.175 lbs.
Velocity330 FPS305 FPS305 FPS325 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"20"20"20"
Crossbow Length37"37"37"34,5"
Crossbow Weight6.5 lbs.8.6 lbs.8.5 lbs.8.3 lbs.

Ballistic Data For Our Top Horton Crossbows:

What Do Horton Crossbows Have in Common?

Horton is known for somewhat unusual designs when it comes to their compound crossbows. The Horton Zombie RIP model is a good example of that, which is advertised as a crossbow for killing zombies. The Horton Havoc has reversed limbs, which is also quite rare in the industry (although gaining popularity). Read our Horton Crossbow reviews to see what else is unusual about these x-bows.

The best Horton X bows are exclusively 300+ FPS. This means they are more than suitable for hunting, though some models are better for taking out bigger game than other ones. Horton also designs their bows with 20″ bolts in mind. As far as weight goes, most models are over 8 lbs., making them heavier than average. As a result it’s a good idea for beginner hunters to get a padded shoulder sling with a Horton crossbow. Read our reviews to see if such a sling isn’t already included with the package.

Not that power stroke matters on its own, but most of Horton’s crossbows have a power stroke of around 13.5″.

We used to rank Horton products on our best crossbows page. Unfortunately, as it’s become much more difficult to buy Horton gear, we had to take them off our list.

Horton Crossbow Parts And Accessories

Horton is known for manufacturing a wide range of different accessories and extra parts. These can be bought separately and will enhance the performance, accuracy, and use-comfort of your crossbow. Below you’ll find the most popular Horton parts and accessories:

Horton Crossbow Bolts / Arrows

You’ll find quite a large variety of different Horton crossbow bolts. The most popular are Lightning strike MX, the Bone Crusher, and Strike MX. Some of them are aluminum while other bolts are made of carbon, up to you to choose which you want (both will work fine with any crossbow, some better than others though). Horton’s bolts are 20″ long and weigh 353 grain. They are exceptionally straight and Horton even goes as far as to list the straightness tolerance. Most of these bolts come with moon-style nocks.

Horton Crossbow Scopes

Horton offers both red dot sights and multi-reticle sights. Their most popular models include the Horton 4×32 Mult-a-Range scope, the Horton Multi Range 3 Dot Red Dot sight, and Horton’s 4×32 Mult-a-Range scope. Optics are not of exceptionally high quality, though they do the job. Decent eye-relief is offered. The scopes are water-, shock- and fog-proof. The Mult-a-Range series comes with 5 reticles.

Horton Crossbow Cocking Device

You can choose from a wide range of Horton crossbow cocking devices. The most basic is the EZ Loader cocking rope, which reduces the force required to draw the string by 50%. A range of different crank cocking aids is available as well, depending on the exact Horton crossbow you have.  As far as cranks go, Horton’s are quite lightweight and less cumbersome than you’d think. They come with a 12 month warranty.

Horton Crossbow Case

There are two particularly popular Horton crossbow cases:

  • The Horton Vision Soft Bow Case (designed to fit the Horton Vision)
  • The Horton Fitted Soft Crossbow Case (will fit the majority of Horton’s crossbow). Internal compartments have been added for transporting accessories and other parts.

Crossbow Strings

Horton also offers a large variety of strings, rail lubricants and string waxes. These are designed for use with Horton’s crossbows. When purchasing a string, make sure to pick one that is advertised as fitting your particular crossbow model.

Horton’s Warranty

Horton stands behind their products, offering:

  • A 3-year warranty on both the scope and the crossbow limbs
  • A lifetime warranty on all the other parts (including cams, stock, stirrup, trigger assembly, etc.)

You should feel pretty comfortable buying from this company.

Best Horton Crossbow Reviews – Summary

We’ll be adding more information here as time goes by. We’ll also review other Horton crossbows once they become available to us to test. If you have a request, be it for more information or just to have another Horton crossbow review published, please contact and we’ll see what we can do.


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  1. I have a older Horton legens crossbow and im looking for the sight bridge having trouble locating it ….. they tell me its suppose to be life time warrenty they should replace or replace the bow with a newer version if they don’t have the part … my thinking Life Time Warrenty

  2. I have a older Horton legens crossbow and im looking for the sight bridge having trouble locating it ….. they tell me its suppose to be life time warrenty they should replace or replace the bow with a newer version if they don’t have the part … my thinking Life Time Warrenty

  3. I’m looking for cam assembly for Horton Blackhawk, actually the mount that slips over the limb. Do they have replacement parts for this bow?

  4. Looking for a replacement stock on a Horton 175 Team realtrww ultra-lite crossbow. Does anybody have any recommendations on where to find one?

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